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TOPIC: Timeline for 10% - side effects & results

Timeline for 10% - side effects & results 9 years 11 months ago #1282793372

I\'ve had sort of a weird progression since my procedure last week...and I\'m trying to figure out if this is normal or what to think of it. I am developing circ scar swelling *now* which is like 18 days later...and most people report that in the first few days & it\'s long gone by now. When I am Flaccid, I am actually thicker than Erect - and definitely in the circ area it\'s huge. I\'d be done if that were my EG.

Second, all my Erect gains are gone - except it still feels a little squishy in parts (mostly the top)...which is strange because you\'d think that swelling / squishy stuff would contribute to Girth. It doesn\'t really. Maybe an 1/8\" but it\'s not measurable.

Why is it swollen right below the glans again - in that donut thing everyone gets - at THIS late in the game? Has anyone else had that?

Is it normal to lose gains at 2-3 weeks? And then get them back later?

Sometimes my Flaccid looks completely deformed - and other times it looks 100% normal and natural. It\'s so bizarre. I have been using the stretching maybe that\'s contributing to the swelling. I just don\'t want the collagen forming on my 4\" long Flaccid length. Not what I should do regarding stretching - I\'m 90% sure I should do something vs. nothing.

I\'m down 1/4-1/2\" EL too... though .BPEL seems the\'s weird.

The injection sites are hard but not really raised. Still don\'t want anyone touching my penis.

There\'s a big lump on the right - which reminds me of something in another patient\'s log - isn\'t improving.

There\'s still itching / burning / odd sensations - particularly on the underside. Not so much on the top side.

I am not sure if I should post this in my journal or if people are even reading that... but anyway - I just wanted to get thoughts on where people were at different points post op.

I know it\'s all going through changes and I shouldn\'t make a big deal of any of this - but it seems like people only post their amazing results and insane sexcapades by now. I am biased into reading (or subconsciously remembering) the positive reports, though.

Aright - I know I brought up a dozen things- but this is just what\'s going on. I was really hoping this weekend would be the \"big reveal\" (i.e. big slutty ho time) - but there\'s no way. The size is not bigger - and the shape is weird - and the neck area feels strange & I have wart-like injection site nodules. So, I\'ll be sitting this weekend out for sure!

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Timeline for 10% - side effects & results 9 years 11 months ago #1282836570

I am not a mod, but Restoration can you keep all your stuff in your progress thread as it is kinda spamming the forum with so many threads related to the same thing. People will still answer your questions.

And if I was you I would not be freaking out as much cause it clear that some member had issues but their body may need up to six months to fully heal and for lumps to reduce.

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Timeline for 10% - side effects & results 9 years 11 months ago #1282839922

Not many people have had all 10% lately, and if those people are still around here - but they aren\'t reading my specific journal - they aren\'t gonna see any of these questions. So, that is why it is in the title of this post - and why it is a separate post. I said (in the post) I wasn\'t sure if I should put it in the journal or not. Unfortunately, 6 months does not solve problems for everyone. Plenty of threads are out there from long-term guys have shown that. Sometimes, R2 just trades current problems for new ones.

Nobody has replied to anything in the journal since 5/7...though I got a very fast reply to the questions I posted here (they were all different - the dry skin bands, the injection nodules, etc - not \"the same thing\"). And, a reader (which I was for 6 months before the procedure), it has been easier to get information in topic-based threads vs. looking through what is in a journal. I finally found the answer to something last night in Miracle\'s journal - all the way down in the high 40s of his journal pages....which took an hour to get to. A separate thread would\'ve been easier read.

The word \"spamming\" is ironic since I was the only person who offered SO anything when he asked for pledges. But, you\'re classifying questions like this as \"spamming\" - while you are taking about seeing Wade\'s Dick in your two prior posts? Ok.

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Timeline for 10% - side effects & results 9 years 11 months ago #1282850334

It\'s not spamming IMHO. But it has become impossible to follow what\'s going on with you restoration, which defeats the point I think.

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Timeline for 10% - side effects & results 9 years 11 months ago #1282857590

I think the journal is straightforward. If you think there is something confusing about it, then send me a message or post a question there. On Saturday, I updated it with new pics and in the \"pro / con / misc\" section - I described everything that is in the text of my other posts that is still present.

This is a voluntary thing. Most people here just lurk, and a lot of the journals are incomplete. I think it\'s far worse to see people who disappear after complaining about things - never to be heard from again... I am honestly not sure what is hard to follow in the journal (the post above is a little bit of a mess bc I had a lot going on and was just not feeling great about all this). I posted a lot of questions in the last 2 weeks - but you can read every post of mine by clicking on my name and viewing my posts...and if you don\'t want to do that, you can read the summary in the journal which has the relevant info of issues that are still persisting & how things are developing.

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Timeline for 10% - side effects & results 9 years 11 months ago #1282861480

I dont think its spamming at all, I think there is difference from a log or journal to asking questions. I think a lot of people latch onto or follow a persons thread and then others do not. I dont too often and probably cause I have not had PMMA yet, but I can see why one would ask questions in a separate thread. It would not be seen by someone who was not following the thread, even though they may have had the same experience or have best answer for the question.

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Timeline for 10% - side effects & results 9 years 11 months ago #1282861500

Restoration, you do seem a little anxious though but in your defense, its better to ask questions than be ignorant.

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Timeline for 10% - side effects & results 9 years 11 months ago #1282865254

Sorry, I should have said flooding the forum with threads, not spamming as the topics are relevant to P.E. But restoration seriously, give it time to heal, everyone body is different, so it takes different time periods to heal, some months. Worrying, isn\'t going to change a thing as PMMA is permanent unless you go down the de-gloving route, which another member did quickly after having the PMMA. I think coolhandluke had problems too, but it took months for it to settle down.

All I can say is, take some anti inflammatory, LEAVE your penis alone, as in not touch it or having sex, as that can make it worse and get on with other things in your life to stop worrying about this. If you have nodules, most will resolve over months. And if anything needs to be sorted go for a round to to break them up.

I really do advice you make yourself a progress thread, so everyone can keep track of what is going on with you or for future members. Very little advice any member gives here is going to make a difference to how your body reacts to PMMA. Only thing you can do is keep healthy and hope for the best.

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Timeline for 10% - side effects & results 9 years 11 months ago #1282879460

Michael - i started my progress thread in December - it\'s been up a while. Anyway, things are very different from one week to the next in the first few months of PMMA - you can see honzee just posted after a break & miracle (and many others) said this too. It could improve / it could get worse / it could stay the same. Who knows. What started this particular post was the huge swelling at the circ area I had (and surprise, it\'s gone now)...among other things I added in. So, anyway... I had the same perspective as bullsnake in terms of journal vs. questions. I don\'t really see the journal as a question-asking outlet. Anyway, I don\'t have much to ask now - mostly, I have to decide if I want to go back early to do some fixes - without adding a lot of PMMA - or if I just want to go back for a full second round. Since my circ scar area is looking more and more depressed relative to my remaining shaft, I think I need a special round just to deal with that... I don\'t know. I wouldn\'t want to do a Round 2 that would add PMMA everywhere & just worsen the gap. I\'m not really doing anything w/ the penis except trying to keep it stretched so the length doesn\'t go down any more.

I am anxious bc I had pretty bad penile deformity for 4+ years that ruined a big part of my life - sexually and relationship-wise. The pics on my journal show it - and it was worse in person bc you can\'t see the scale of it really. Every time I met someone or went out with them, I had to think about how I was going to \"deal with the penis issue\" - so now that all of that was gone since the winter post surgery, it\'s screwing with my head to have it all back (this time in the form of lumps and nodules that resemble STDs in some cases - or just make people wonder what is wrong with my Dick). The Peyronie\'s was treated by every method imaginable before surgery last winter, which was the last resort. Unfortunately, this deformity (Peyronie\'s) also made my size go down significantly... Girth was down to 4\" for the top half. You can see all this in my journal - but also just the aesthetically unattractive now - and I\'m worried I\'ve been making it worse with PMMA. I am getting some of that \"gap\" between the lower half and the circ scar area - and I actually had a badly restricted circ scar area several years ago (there\'s a pic in my journal) which sort of resolved itself...but it looked really bad. Now, it\'s just odd looking - but it\'s not finished by a long stretch. I probably have about 2 more visits there...maybe even 3 (and the costs add up..). I\'ve had other surgeries, and the unpredictability of this is hard to deal with.

For the record, though, I did get some unbelievable head - with the comment \"I love your Cock\" - first in history... despite ALL of the weird problems. So, there\'s that. lol. I was probably over 5\" that day cuz I was really turned on & had Cialis, which is still avg... (surprisingly to get that comment). 6.5 x 5+ isn\'t that impressive on this board, but it worked well that day!

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