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TOPIC: Hi,i am a newbie

Hi,i am a newbie 10 years 10 months ago #1278811136


i am a newbie.I came across this board recently and skimmed through it.I know i am probably going to be told off for what i am about to say but i just find reading discussion boards the most time consuming activity known on the internet and to save some time i was wandering if there is a post or two where i can find a summery of the main uptodate procedures involved in penile surgery/non-surgery methods and more importantly how effective they are together with the realistic risks associated with surgery.Surely the regular contributors/moderators who have read most/all the posts have put together a brief summery in one or two pages!

I have a fairly good basic understanding of the main well known surgical methods ie dermal fat Girth enlargement,lengthening(which i have concluded is really not effective hence pointless since u would lose the steep angle of the Erection) and glanular which does nt look very effective either;all of which i have gleamed from several documentaries on tv over time and watched clips on youtube.
I have contacted one doctor for enquiries ie Dr alexander krakovsky based north of san diego california,who seems from his own statement to be a front runner,anyway,there are other doctors available.and i know liquid fat injections are no good and you can enlarge your testicals by injecting a liquid into the sac yourself and that all non-surgical methods are not effective at least not permanently anyway.
Also i came across this clip on youtube about the risks of penis enlargement surgey,i know the uploader did it because he is promoting his own non-surgical methods that he wants you to buy,but its worth trying to see if you can explain away all the risks listed there just to be on the safe side:

thanks all,
I would appreciate it if a moderator or anyone more familiar than me to point me to the right place.

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Hi,i am a newbie 10 years 10 months ago #1278812574

You know what Andy, unfortunately the moderators and contributors haven\'t actually gotten around to making a paper on the\" procedures involved in penis surgery/non penis surgery and the related risks in a brief one or two page summery\". A million apologies!
From your post it seems you have done an impressive amount of research on your own, so we would be very grateful for you to submit a one or two page summery explaining your thoughts on the documentaries you have viewed and a more thorough explanation of the various procedures you have researched, especially with regards to to the risks associated with each.
Meanwhile, perhaps you could do what every other member on this site has done and take some time, go through the threads and and do your own research.
Hint: :The search function on the site is very useful...All you have to do is type in the procedure/issue you want to research and presto: you get the relevant threads. Unfortunately, you need to read them...Sorry to break it to you! We know how time consuming it can be for members to actually research thoroughly themselves and it breaks our hearts.
The moderators and veteran contributors on PhalloBoards are fully committed to making your PE experience as quick, non taxing, and enjoyable as possible.
Apologies again for the inconvenience.
Sincerely, Messageman

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Hi,i am a newbie 10 years 10 months ago #1278813250

Well put MM!

welcome to the forum. There is a ton of experience, good and bad, that can be gleaned by spending a little time and reading through some of the threads. Many here have been on the PE course in excess of a decade and have laid it all out for guys just like yourself. If you are truly interested in enhancing the dearest \"member\" of your body, then please take the time to read through others experiences - I think you\'ll be amazed at the amount of information you will find. Best of luck to you.

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