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TOPIC: PMMA Aesthetics

PMMA Aesthetics 11 years 1 month ago #1276374387

I am booked for Dr. C in a couple weeks, and after damn near every progress report and every thread related to PMMA, my question is: what do I need to do in order to assure the best aesthetic result possible? I am well versed on the risks of FBG and other complications, which other than abstinence from the procedure there\'s no real way I can control, but it seems the patient has a lot of control over the final aesthetic result. Thoughts? Advice?

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PMMA Aesthetics 11 years 1 month ago #1276396676

Dr. C\'s nurse Wade went over a lot of these details after the operation.

One of my biggest issues was retraction, which is remedied with a tape \'splint\'.

Massaging is one of the biggest needs, so be sure your forearms are relaxed and ready to go after your procedure.

Finally, I believe you need to be kind to your penis for some time after the surgery and not be overly aggressive.

Dr. C and team are very approachable, which is one of the reasons I decided to go with them. I\'m sure if you reached out to them they could help you prior to your surgery.

Good luck with your PMMA surgery!


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PMMA Aesthetics 11 years 1 month ago #1276397425

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My opinion is that it is more about your body than what you do. If your penis has the right shape, looseness of skin, tissue stability, glans to circ scar length, etc. You are most likely not going to have to put in much effort to have a good result. If you don\'t have that combo of things your result will not be as good no matter how meticulous you are with your post op care. I am not saying to neglect post op care, but don\'t think that you will have a perfect outcome based on how much you massage and what not because it just simply is not the case. You are either a good candidate for it or you aren\'t. You can help things out with proper care, but I am not sure that perfection is attainable. Expect some imperfection or you are going to be greatly disappointed.

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PMMA Aesthetics 11 years 1 month ago #1276426969

Agree with notsureyet82, expect some imperfections, usually minor, or be greatly disappointed. Remember, you are artificially enlarging your penis, and therefore it will likely look less natural. The same concept applies with boob jobs; you are going to know she has \"fake boobs\" because they have been artificially enhanced. The best way to get the more natural, aesthetically pleasing result IMO is to:

Let the doctor know your goals.If you choose to go with Dr. C, he\'ll likely recommend 10%. If you go with another doctor, I would consider requesting 10%, even if they tell you 30% is just fine.Try to request the volume injected to be minimal. We\'re talking 10-15cc\'s.Follow post-op protocol, especially within the first 24 hours. Massaging the unit to keep a uniformity of the material around your penis is also very helpful.After all of this, your penis is still a dynamic organ and you may still have irregularities (hopefully minor as opposed to major).
If you can\'t stomach dealing with a Nodule (which is usually fixable), or the potential of a granuloma or imperfect symmetry, this procedure isn\'t for you. Just fyi. Good luck!

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PMMA Aesthetics 11 years 1 month ago #1287201945


I know you pointed out an issue with that \"wedge\" area but from the pictures you\'ve uploaded, I\'m being dead serious when I saw it looks pretty good, at least where the shaft is concerned. I\'m not suggesting that wedge or any loss of Erect length isn\'t an issue, because it is, but aesthetically-speaking the penis has retained a good contour & look. Relax and de-stress, your pictures aren\'t alarming, I assure you. This is coming from someone who has seen hundreds of PMMA penis photos on this site.

Look at it this way, your penis is healthy & functional, probably going to end up being thicker, and well, there is a lot more to your daily & weekly life than just your penis, right? For all indications, you\'ve past the stage of any short term serious complications and your best bet is to let time take its course and address revisions when appropriate. I think you\'ll be just fine tbh


No results are the same, and minor irregularities are usually more common than not. Even in penises that look great post-op, there maybe palpable irregularities that a camera can\'t pickup. The moral of the story is that the higher you place aesthetics on the totem pole, the lower you should place consideration for getting any procedure done. That isn\'t to say aesthetic results can\'t be obtained, but if you are going to enlarge your penis artificially, don\'t be surprised there are occasionally aesthetic consequences. An analogy I often use is breast enlargement. More times than not you know the lady got work done. Sometimes they are hard to the touch. It\'s not much different with penises. You get a dynamic organ enlarged artificially, it may or may not show signs of penis enlargement.

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PMMA Aesthetics 11 years 1 month ago #1287202524

smalljay wrote: Now I\'m stuck this way and I can\'t even get a response from those guys (nor do I expect one - even when I thought I had emergency issues just after the procedure, I could never get a hold of them via phone, email, etc. They have been notoriously horrendous at responding to patients or prospective patients as of late.

Yes, and it is totally unprofessional. In the USA, it is called patient abandonment. I know you\'re saying that they\'re busy, but too bad. Medically and ethically speaking, there is no excuse to ignore patients (for 7 weeks in my case) - and then have a secretary just answer the phone and tell me to send an email...that wont get a reply...especially after the mess I have going on - that will result in at least 4 months of celibacy (after I pay a Dermatologist here another $1000+ to remove everything they can). The only response I got from wade was \"what did you do for your aftercare\" when my question was about the nodules & how they can be removed (twice).

By the way, before this round - I asked all about linnea safe and what growth I could expect - and if my existing issues would make it harder to grow more - and if I should just leave it alone. The answer \"the average patient gains 0.75\" from 30% and 0.5\" from 10%\" Yeah, not what I asked.

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