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TOPIC: PMMA - where ?

PMMA - where ? 11 years 5 months ago #1276265555

Hello all,

i have been reading this forum for a while now.

Considering having PMMA injections. From what i read, Dr. C is quite recommended here,
however, i do live in Singapore. I am ok to fly to Mexico for it, but he might not be the only doctor in the world doing such procedure ?
Does anyone have information about Doctors who perform PMMA injections in Asia ?

would be a great help for me. thanks !

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PMMA - where ? 11 years 5 months ago #1276271940

For documented reports on this forum we know of a Dr. Nemeckova (METACRILL IN EUROPE), and there are doctors in Brazil who perform this as well.

There is a slightly different product (than what is used in Europe & Latin America) being offered in South Korea, your best bet as far as distance is concerned (\"Lipen-10\" a korean PMMA penile injection).

But you want to keep in mind that you will possibly need multiple sessions at least 6 weeks apart to achieve desired size & aesthetics, and this will require traveling more than once. We have not had a documented progress report using Lipen-10, and if you are open to pioneering this for our forum (and our Asian readers who can benefit from shorter travel), it would be a brave venture. Just be sure you learn as much as you can about the risks you are taking, and determine whether or not this is something you are prepared to do. Much of this is still experimental and long-term risks are not well understood. Furthermore, the techniques employed with Lipen-10 are not identical to those used by Dr. C, and therefore all the progress reports on this forum may not necessarily indicate the kind of result you will achieve via Lipen-10. Food for thought.

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PMMA - where ? 11 years 5 months ago #1276278801


thank you very much for your reply.

im keeping the Metacrill option in Prague, while im
still looking for options in Asia.

I have been contacting a Doctor in Korea in a reputable hospital
however he only performs Restylane injections which from what
i learnt on this very useful forum, is a temporary filler.
The \"temporary\" notion isnt very appealing to me.

im trying to find clinics where they are using Lipen-10.

I often travel to Thailand but i don\'t find anything here except
for a groin tissue thing which looks scary to me and i have read bad review here about
the doctor performing it.

The thing is my penis is already fine, close to 20cm long and reasonnable Girth so im not willing to take
huge risks as 2-2.5cm Girth increase is all i need ! but id rather be it permanent !

anyway the search continue ... if no alternative ill fly to prague or Tijuana !

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