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TOPIC: Decision making time...

Decision making time... 11 years 8 months ago #1275741960

After lurking on this board for 9 months or so, I\'m writing my first post.

I\'ve read a lot of horror stories that cause me to wonder if I\'m mad to even consider PE surgery. That said, I think about surgery EVERY SINGLE DAY. I feel desperate, and terribly unhappy about my size.

I\'m in my late 40s and have been married for 21 years. My wife has never complained about my size, but that doesn\'t make me feel any better. Since my early teens, I\'ve shunned any locker room situation like the plague-- no sports, changing at the gym, pool parties, etc. Yes, I\'m definitely a Grower, but I start very small and end up with a modest size. I\'m being quite generous with myself to call it modest!

My wife is extremely against the idea of PE, but I think part of that is because she\'s never had any other partner, so she doesn\'t really appreciate what a bigger penis might feel like for her. I\'m sure she is also afraid I\'ll wreck what little I\'ve got. I sure as heck have the same fears. But I just hate being this small. After decades of marriage, I\'m still always so careful to make sure she doesn\'t see it in a Flaccid state.

Flaccid, I\'m at about 1.5. Erect is just under 5\". While I\'m not exactly thrilled with that Erect length, my real concern is a 1.5\" Flaccid length. About 15 years, I worked up my nerve, and asked the Urologist who was performing a vasectomy on me, about PE. He just kind of rolled his eyes and said \"you\'re 75 lbs overweight! Your problem is your diet, not your penis\"! I know that\'s part of it, but it can\'t be the whole story.

I know how this sounds, but I\'m considering Dr. Elist. There have been so, so many bad experiences reported by his patients on this board, and that truly frightens me. I can\'t, however, seem to find any other doctor out there who does penile implants for size, rather than ED. Yes, I understand that probably because implants are a bad idea for most men. But I keep wondering... are the many failures that seem to be reported with Elist\'s procedure, leading to improvements in his technique and materials? That\'s what I\'m trying to tell myself. This is in no way meant to underplay the pain and emotional suffering of the many men whose lives Dr. Elist seems to have ruined. I can\'t imagine how terrible that must be. Still, I ask myself, isn\'t it worth the risk? How great would it feel to have an annual physical, and not feel ashamed? How great would it feel to possibly have my wife say \"wow!\"? How great would it be to not leave the gym in sweaty clothes, so as to avoid a shower? How much more badly will I feel if he ruins me, than I feel in my current state?

I almost convinced myself that it\'s not worth the risk, but then about 10 days ago I noticed Elist put a new video up on YouTube. I\'m not going to provide a link, because I want to avoid even the appearance of being a shill; but his new video makes it seem like he\'s made all these improvements, and that\'s what makes me wonder if maybe the suffering of his past patients has resulted in a better implant.

So that\'s where my head is at the moment. I welcome all comments.


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Decision making time... 11 years 8 months ago #1275743148

elist is a pathological poor excuse of a dr. Go ahead and ruin your penis if you so wish. What logic are you using to even look at his implant when you have almost 100% failure rate with non-FDA approved implant and you have almost 100% success documented success stories with PMMA?

BTW, you are 5\" Erect length now, when the implant is removed, you will be lucky to have a Peyronie\'s curved penis of no more then 4\"...

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Decision making time... 11 years 8 months ago #1275743302

If you issue is Flaccid length, then why not have the lig cut? Why even consider the Elist implant? Eventually you will have to have it removed and as Mustang says, there is a good chance you\'ll be even shorter then.

I don\'t recommend the lig cut for those who want Erect gains, but it does usually result is Flaccid gains. If you are overweight you might have a buried penis, so some lipo suction in the groin could be a good opition, as could skin tacking or Removal.

There are procedures specifically tailored to your situation. You don\'t need to consider the Elist Implant. I understand how you feel and totally get how you are trying to rationalize things in order to convince yourself it\'s a viable option. I\'ve done it myself. But it really is a terrible idea. Look at the more suitable options.

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