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TOPIC: Small glans questions

Small glans questions 10 years 3 months ago #1274538924

Hey guys, I have a very thin penis, especially my glans. As a result, I literally have no sensation during intercourse, thus creating impotence during sex usually within minutes after I\'ve started...never again to have another Erection mainly due to embarrassment of small penis and the fact that I always lose Erection very quickly.

Question: Are there positions which I can use that will allow me to feel sensation?

Also: What \'mind tricks\' can I use to sustain an Erection?

I would appreciate any feedback.

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Small glans questions 10 years 3 months ago #1274544678

Try positions that place her legs closer together. i.e.: While she lies on her back, hold her legs up and together. Alternately, you can have her draw her knees towards her chest for deeper penetration. Doggie style is a good one too.

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Small glans questions 10 years 3 months ago #1274645905

Hi Quantum,

I honestly wonder how much this has to do with nerve stimulus or with mental stimulus. It sounds like your feelings about size of your glans and overall unit might be what keep you from having such sensations. I don\'t know your dimensions, but I was in the smaller quadrant of members here, and can attest that for years I had sex mostly thinking of my lady\'s pleasure without being at all focused on my own, seldom having an orgasm. I even consulted with a leading neuro-Urologist who confirmed that I had no nerve damage preventing sensation.

This changed as an unexpected result of Phalloplasty, which I did not to intend to bring me any benefit but strictly to grant women greater pleasure. Yet I found out that having more \'heft\' not only boosts one\'s confidence but also bring them to behave very differently in bed. Not only do they get more thrills, but they become very focused on providing you pleasure in every possible way.

The differences I noticed were their inordinate receptiveness and pleasure at anal intercourse, in several cases with women who had steadfastly refused to do it for years. Also they all became very \"Dick-centric\" talking about it and always wanting more in their hands, in any orifice and not only in their mouth but deep in their throat. Ball licking was a new experience only recently discovered, as these girls just can\'t seem to get enough and lavish their affection on me every way possible.

So phallic pleasure has become an entirely new sexual experience, with erotic self-sacrifice being replaced by fulfilling physical love. It seems like another life, I used to devote myself to them, today they devote their all to me! I get no complaints from women despite my 5\" length, a 6\'+ tall hottie even stammering that I\'m hung like a horse... never thought I\'d ever hear those words.

It might even be better to be thick and short, because a long big Dick might intimidate all but the most fetishist of women? A shorter one is easier to imagine riding, putting them in confidence and making them all the more eager and willing plus very turned on by its Girth! So I think that finding a way of enhancing your unit with Girth is a solution, regardless of your length - given that only the outer third of the vagina has nerve endings.

With a relatively small glans, I was worried it would look unnatural after Girth enhancement, and dwarfed by a thicker shaft. But none of them seem to mind at all, enjoying playing with its small tip maybe because they are now excited about what it sits atop? I figure also that a smaller glans, even if less aesthetic in the absolute than a similarly proportioned one, makes the rest look proportionately larger yet?

Best of luck in your PE pursuits! You\'ve found the right spot here, and need to look no further. It is now all about scouting the threads and studying up until you\'ve decided what you wish to do and when.

Hunk Chunk

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