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TOPIC: Fat pad question

Fat pad question 12 years 3 months ago #1271767718

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So I do have a bit of a fat pad (Probably around 1 Inch maybe a bit more) and was wondering how/if it would affect the injection and distribution of the PMMA? My appointement is less than 2 weeks away and I haven\'t been able to get a response out of Christian. My concern is that my penis actually gets thinner as I get closer to the base by a good amount. I think that the widest part of my penis is from PE I used to do years ago (and probably all the dates with Palmela too). I haven\'t measured the the thinnest part but based off feel I would say its less than 4\' Girth when painfully Erect. I am overweight and that is something I am working on. I just wanted to get in for the PMMA before prices skyrocket especially since finding out that in order to achieve my Girth goals, I\'d need more appointments than I thought (since people are still reporting loss months later). Any thoughts?

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Fat pad question 12 years 3 months ago #1271768350

The only negative effect of having a fat pad is that it prevents Dr. C from giving you additional base Girth. They have told me that if I could remove my fat pad (via exercise & diet, and/or lipo) they could fill the area (that was originally covered with fat) with PMMA, giving the appearance of a larger base Girth. I\'m still not sure personally on whether that translates into usable Girth (which is more important to me).
Otherwise, a fat pad shouldn\'t impede their ability to perform the procedure. I have a fat pad myself, and the biggest thing I hate about it is how it conceals Erect length!
Good luck if you decide to go this route!

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Fat pad question 12 years 3 months ago #1272424205

Hey Skeptical One and Boost,

I am a newbie here but not a stranger to PE. I just had a Lig Cut and Alloderm 10 days ago. I haven\'t posted ever about this issue and this is my first post, but I have been searching and visiting various sites to get informed behind the scene per say.

I had major fat pad last ten years. And I know exactly how I got it. Around 1998 I purchased a quite expensive vacuum pump with two cylinders. That\'s what I believe gave me my problem of webbing, which is what I believe its referred to here.

It was brought to my attention by my young ex-wife who grabbed all that fat with both her hands while we were naked in Sauna.

After going to 4 or 5 Urologist, (one happens to be the one who sawed Bobbit\'s Dick back) they all telling me that I need to see a plastic surgeon and get a liposuction as I have major amount of fat pad. What they call \"Supra Pubic Fat\". Which is true and I can post some pictures here in the future. I got that Fat Pad after using that damn Vacuum pump.

So I finally went to see a Plastic Surgeon that was referred to me. This doctor happens to also performs Male Enhancement Surgery. The minute he saw my situation, he instead placed his hands on my stomach and pushed his hands up, at the same time grabbing my skin. And there was no fat around. The minute I saw that, I knew that I didn\'t have fat. I had lost elasticity of my skin around there due to using that vacuum pump years ago. Till this day I have not told my surgeon why I had all that skin.

His suggestion was to take care of that issue before performing any enhancement surgery, as all the gains will be hidden under that skin. Which is true as I was loosing about 1.75 inches of my Erect penis. And around 2 inches of Flaccid.

Before I tell u guys more, I would post my stats here.
Flaccid: 0.5\" ' What I called a button Dick The rest was hidden in the pad.
Erect: 4\" BPEL: 5.75\"
After my Supra Pubic Lift surgery:
Flaccid: 2\"-2.5\" Erect: 5\" BPEL: 5.75\"
He removed like 2\" of skin.

I do not believe in surgeries. I was suppose to remove my appendix years ago and I said no as I don\'t want any cuts. Not because I am afraid,. Matter of fact, I like pain . No, but I don\'t think docs know everything. Guess what? After 40some years, I still have my appendix.

This time, I consciously made the decision that I need surgery and get rid of this pad.

I totally believe and have faith in my surgeon. Not because I am naive, but on the contrary. After meeting him, I totally knew that I was in good hands. Whether cutting the lig works or not, we will see in the future, but I do believe that it helps speed up the process of gains in Flaccid and Erect.

More to come.


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Fat pad question 12 years 3 months ago #1272424602

Excellent post, I\'d love to learn more about your experiences, and I too had experienced a button-Dick (prior to PMMA)!
I have used pumps in the past but very infrequently, and I don\'t recall using it very intensely either.
I\'m considering this type of procedure if diet & exercise are not sufficient enough in removing a significant part of my fat pad (I lose as much as 1\" in Erect length because of it!).
Thanks again for sharing, will stay tuned.

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