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TOPIC: new here, considering pmma

new here, considering pmma 12 years 6 months ago #1270847489

this is my first post, I have been lurking on this site for quite some time
a little background, I have been doing pe on and off for about 10 years
I started out at 6\" el and 4.75\" eg, today through pumping/Jelqing I am at 7.25 el and 5.5 eg
my goal is a solid 8\" el and between 6.5\"-7\" eg
PMMA looks very promising for me to reach my Girth goals as I find that Girth is more difficult to attain than length
I believe a side effect from all the pumping is reduced sensitivity in my glans (though it has recently come to my attention that over stimulation by porn can have this effect also)
I am quitting the porn pretty much cold turkey, on day 5 of no porn
I have heard comments here that there is increased sensation in the penis with PMMA
could those that have had PMMA chime in and give me your insight into this
for me I believe that my orgasm comes mainly from the underside of my glans, which I have mentioned is not as sensitive as it once was
I know that when I squeeze my shaft tightly as in Jelqing, a lot more pressure is created in my glans thereby making it more sensitive
with a thicker shaft via PMMA, do the vaginal walls exert enough pressure on the shaft to some what create this same effect at the glans
now I know that there are probably few vaginas that can create the same grip pressure as a hand, though I use to have sex with a women that at the point of orgasm in the doggie position would push me out no matter how determined I was to stay in her
also if the vaginal walls did create enough pressure, the penis might also gain an extra fraction of an Inch in length
I hope that I am not over analyzing this, but it should make for an interesting topic
I would like to get back to where I had to fight to keep from being overwhelmed by my orgasm, these days I can penetrate a woman and go for hours, it is like I have no sensation and I have to work at it, very frustrating at times

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new here, considering pmma 12 years 6 months ago #1270874038

I think porn and too much masterbation will be the reason for reduced senstivity, not the pumping. Stop porn and masterbation for a few months. Also wear something over your gland 24/7 to stop is rubbing against your clothes. Personally I wouldn\'t see a Urologist over this as it\'s perfectly normal to have reduced sensitivity as we age, especially in the internet age, when we have so much porn available. If you are having erectile difficulties or pain, then see a Urologist.

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new here, considering pmma 12 years 6 months ago #1270879778

You seem to have significant size already and also appear to have possibly caused damage to your penis. I would advise against PMMA and cautiously monitor your progress as you heal. If in doubt, consult your Urologist.

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new here, considering pmma 12 years 6 months ago #1270888540

thanks for your input guys,
I think aging will reduce ones sensitivity, but I strongly believe that the majority of my insensitivity is a result of over stimulation via porn and masturbation
I was not even aware that such a thing was possible until I read about the \"reward circuit\" thingy that is built into our nervous system, on a website about porn addiction it went on to explain the mechanism whereby the number of certain electrical sensors will actually reduce in number to protect the nervous system from all of the over stimulation thereby actually requiring a larger dose of dopamine in order to experience a given level of sensation, in the same way that a alcoholic or junkie needs bigger fixes over time
this is crazy that such info is not more mainstream
anyway, I am going to cut out all porn and masturbation until the end of December and see how my body reacts as well as devoting as much time as possible to watching my diet and activity levels
I am going to continue my pe in an attempt to nail down a solid 8\" of length, I have no complaints about how my penis grows in length
but the only way I seem to gain Girth is by pumping and though I have gained quite a bit of Girth, it has effected my Erection quality (not as hard)
that is why I think PMMA is the answer to my Girth goals

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