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TOPIC: Complete Rules for the PhalloBoards

Complete Rules for the PhalloBoards 13 years 1 month ago #1269042535

If you intend on registering a member account and/or joining the discussion, it is imperative you take the time to read this thread. This will be the official \"bylaws\" of the \"Phalloboards.\" It is strongly advised to review these rules from time to time as they are subject to change without notice.

Forum Rules

(R1.)Respect each other\'s privacy: This includes preserving private information entrusted to you.(R2.)Respect each other\'s decision-making irrespective of the decisions being made.(R3.)Maintain mature and respectful dialog: Insults, offensive innuendos, excessive use of sarcasm, condescension, internet trolling, unfounded allegations/accusations/rumors, and the demeaning of others are all in violation of this rule and are subject to warning and/or suspension. Repeated violations of this rule will result in a permanent ban. This rule also applies to bickering: a situation where neither party is outright insulting each other but is constantly increasing the tension of a thread while steering the topic off course.(R4.)Individuals and/or companies affiliated with surgeons/doctors are NOT permitted to join the discussion; the only exception to this rule is if the actual surgeon/doctor or business affiliate is willing to speak directly with the forum community in an interview format - pending Administrative approval (this would be verified by telephone if necessary).(R5.)Members cannot advertise any commercial product or service, which includes containing links in their signature or profile which goes to a website that sells products or services. You can, however, discuss the legitimacy of commercial products designed for the penis in the \"Penis Enlargement Exercises, Equipment, Supplements, & All Other Non-Surgical Methods\" message board (the content, however, can still be subject to deletion).(R6.)Defamation, slander, or libel of a person, member, company, and/or doctor is not acceptable under any circumstances. Criticism and expressions of disappointment & grief, however, are acceptable.(R7.)Falsifying information about a surgical method\'s technique, effectiveness, side effects, outcomes, results, success rate, and/or complication rate is wrong and unacceptable. Fictional testimony/reporting (also known as \"shilling\") of one\'s experience with phalloplasty is also forbidden.(R8.)Members must heed the requests and parameters set by the Administrator and Moderators. Any individual who feels that he/she has been wrongly banned or censored, or believes a Moderator is abusing their power, has the right to appeal to the main Administrator and/or other Moderators.(R9.)Threads and/or posts that are extremely off-topic are not permitted. Relevant threads in the wrong sub-forums may be moved to the correct sub-forum without notice, and redundant threads/posts may be deleted without notice. The Man Cave is the only sub-forum where non-phalloplasty & non-penis topics can be discussed. Politics and religion are topics banned throughout the entire forum but you are permitted to quote a politician, religious icon, or scripture when relevant (or as a signature).(R10.)Uploads are welcome, but certain video or photo uploads (or links) are prohibited: (a) depictions of sex acts and/or pornographic content; (b) photos revealing a face and/or something that can be used to identify an individual; (c) offensive and obscene content; (d) content deemed extremely off-topic.(R11.)Posts and/or uploads that infringe copyright and/or protected intellectual properties are forbidden. Posts and/or threads that remotely appear to be questionable in this regard can be subject to deletion.(R12.)Account deceit is forbidden. (a) Multiple member accounts are not permitted. If you have mistakenly created multiple accounts, delete all but your primary account, or inform an Administrator to have this done for you. (b) The use of Proxy servers, or any other means to disguise one\'s authentic IP address is forbidden. (c) One registration per IP address. (d) Disposable or masked email accounts are forbidden. (e) Network Sharing Devices are forbidden.(R13.)Images of pre- or post-op genitalia must be in an uploaded form (as opposed to a hyperlinked form) in order for the Administrator to better track & screen all nude content.(R14.)Members have a right to anonymity. The use of a full name is prohibited unless that individual is of notable relevance & significance, e.g. doctors, researchers, or other \"players\" in the realm of phalloplasty.(R15.)Inquiry of \"black market\" medicine or \"underground\" medicine is prohibited. This rule is a zero-tolerance rule and can lead to an immediate ban including a deletion of the violating thread/post. \"Black market,\" or \" underground\" medicine refers to members seeking out phalloplastic-means without the supervision of a medical doctor. Chemical Penis Enlargement methods are a rare exception but may also be subject to this rule.(R16.) References to mainstream celebrities are prohibited.(R17.) Discussion or references to illicit drugs are forbidden.(R18.) Commercial & Physician accounts will be exempt from (R4.) & (R5.) and will be allowed to join the discussion as well as advertise. They are still bound by the remaining forum rules and shall not use the forum as a platform to denigrate other physician or methods (drawing comparison & contrast is acceptable).(R19.) Non-commercial Accounts that post anything that is commonly subject to change (e.g. pricing) must include the date they obtained that information.
Violation of one or more of the above rules can result in a deletion of (violating)post/thread, suspension, or outright ban.

Posts that WILL face deletion are posts that:

Are in violation of the rules listed above.Solicit on behalf of a commercial endeavor.Are extremely off-topic.
On occasion, posts may be moved or copied to more fitting message boards without notice.

The PhalloBoards Administrator reserves the right to enforce forum rules by discretion.

Any questions, concerns, or comments please feel free to Private Message or email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) me.

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