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TOPIC: My Goals and achievable are they ?

My Goals and achievable are they ? 5 years 3 weeks ago #1308462145


I am a fit, non smoker, non drinking 43 year straight male. I workout and have lost body fat from 29% to 22% have also added few lbs of visible muscle , working out thrice a week with a trainer. My nutrition and supplement is carefully controlled.

Here are my current stats

BPEL-4.7 inches, EG and the widest part 4.3 inches approximately. says penis volume of 110.7ml..its actually higher than my real volume since my base is thinner than 4.3.

On gaining 1 inch EL
I have never done PE exercises. My plan is to go for weights hanging and cement the gains with all days stretcher. I have a desk job and my private room in office so wearing ADS for the whole 8 hours is doable. In addition to that I will bring down body fat to 12-10 percent range in next 3 months. That should reduce pubic fat pad and all these combined six 1 inch EL achievable. I have read about newbie gains in PE exercise forums.

On gaining 1 inch EG

Have my second PMMA round scheduled in July. Since I wasn\'t circumcised for first round the approach taken by DrC was conservative, but I did still get decent gains. Now I am circumcised and hoping second round gives me 0.75 all around( maybe more at the thinner base)

If I hit these two goals then I will be approximately 5.7 by 5..which translates to 185.83 ML volume which is supposedly bigger than 78.79% .

If I can go for third round PMMA, I might possibly achieve 5.7 by 5.7.which translates to ..245.75 ML


That will be more than doubling the volume from my current.
Would love to hear from experienced members what they think about my goals.

Thanks everyone.

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My Goals and achievable are they ? 5 years 3 weeks ago #1308462327

I had a convo with someone earlier about perception. So for this quick reply i just want to say that your perception of size and someone else\'s will be dramatically increased by simple things. like losing weight, increasing Flaccid size and Flaccid appearances. They see it, think its bigger than it is. Partial Goals achieved. haha.

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