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TOPIC: Request advice after an old injury...

Request advice after an old injury... 5 years 3 days ago #1308350982

I have been worried about my size decrease after an injury caused by restricting blood flow. Years ago, I had used stretching exercises. I stopped that practice due to not having the time to keep up and being satisfied at that point.

Years later, I restricted blood flow to my junk while JO and it wasn\'t the same afterward. It wouldn\'t inflate to full capacity anymore. I made an appointment with a Urologist and referred me to a doctor in Norfolk, Dr. Schlossberg, and he and his staff didn\'t provide any insight into my situation or how to improve it. The staff merely said I could get it hard enough to penetrate - so nothing was offered in the way of help. I went to my Urologist again and he recommended I take Vitamin E to soften the scar tissue. One week after taking it, the damage wasn\'t as severe as the Vitamin E helped restore some flexibility to the scar tissue. At least it was restored to a uniform Girth. The length and Girth were never the same. I stopped taking Vitamin E since and I\'ve dealt with the slight improvement since injury, just jerking myself off. I saw info about Dr. Loria in 2019 and decided to do research - ran across this board. I probably have the scar tissue (not sure if they\'re plaques or Peyronie\'s) along the left. I always had a slight curve to the left, tho.

Should I see Dr. Morganstern for a consultation on Ellanse or seek a consultation from him (or another Doctor) to restore and Repair (if possible)?

Thanks in advance...

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