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FFT or HA 1 month 1 day ago #1308717352

Hello fellow members,
Im new here but I've been reading these forums for a while and finally became a member. I signed up because I will be documenting my penis enlargement to help others make their future decisions, just as past members have helped me and given me insight.

I live in Asia (Vietnam) and I'm heading to Thailand to have some liposuction done after some weight loss. The clinic is called Rattinan in Bangkok and they also offer FFT for penis enlargement (they also do HA fillers but not preferred).
Another clinic (He Clinic) is a men's clinic specialising in HA fillers for penis enlargement but they only use a Korean HA called Dermalux.
I'm stuck on which direction to take. FFT or HA?
Many people on here say that FFT is too invasive because of the lipo part but if I'm already getting that done then would getting a FFT be the better option?
There isn't enough follow up posts from FFT patients unless they are bad (mostly).
FFT are offered in so many places yet hard to find the happy customers.... is that because they have no need to post? Why would so many clinics offer FFT if they are so unpredictable in results and there are (apparently) many unhappy customers?
I've thoroughly enjoyed doing my research here on the methods available and results. Basics are:
HA is safe/predictable and can be fixed using its antidote BUT need multiple top ups (obviously less than the first time).
FFT is using own bodies material, need top ups but less than HA possibly BUT unpredictable and if issues arise then fat can't be removed as easy as HA can.
This makes for a tough decision.
I'll be keeping you all posted.

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FFT or HA 1 month 1 day ago #1308717353

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Hi Saltypirate,
I know FFT is quite common for some doctors in Thailand, the advantage is low cost and the free and safe supply of own body fat! They will fill 40-50ccs in one time. I have seen some photos and initially it is really overfilled to allow for the body to absorb the fat and leave some behind. Dr told me the disadvantage is softer feel and the unpredictable results on aesthetics and the body will eventually absorb the fat. Patient has to undergo general anesthesia.

My Dr prefers HA due to safety predictability, less complications and ease of the procedure for patient. I believe there is a certain amount of customer satisfaction for HA vs FFT and some Doctors have personal preference on one procedure over the other because of that. The disadvantage is cost of HA.

However, the choice is yours and if you do opt of the FFT, please share with us, it would be very interesting to hear from a patient.

Personally, I have been to HE clinic and saw Dr Chayut, Yesterday was my 3rd visit but at his own clinic. The doctors in Thailand usually operate or are attached to several clinics and shuttle between the clinics depending on their specialty. The reason I brought this up is to inform of the fillers available. The Korean filler they use is either Neuramis or Dermalax, The patient has a choice of fillers and I think there is an ongoing promotion, Baht 68000/cc or USD 188/cc for Korean filler. The other filler available is Juvederm. On my 1st and 2nd visit they gave me Juvederm Ultra4, on my 3rd visit they now have Juvederm Voluma and I was injected with Voluma. I feel the Voluma is firmer than Ultra4 and I hope it will be longer lasting, I guess they have updated their filler supplies. the Juvederm is price B15,000/cc or USD416/cc. So don't worry if you just go in for a consult and shop around. It seems nowadays penile enhancement with HA and availability is very plentiful in Bangkok. Different doctors use different brand products, so you need to ask but most have options from Korean, European brands Mesoestetic and Juvederm.

My first visit I had filler on the shaft only and the second was to top up the shaft and enhancement to the glands. I was expecting the filler in the glands would disappear fast but it still had volume after 6 months so I went to get more yesterday. Since my experience was good, with almost no swelling and no discomfort, I'm a very happy customer. I always see how the Dr does the procedure and I feel his skill and technique is very good. For glands enhancement he is very careful and only has one entry point at center and will fill the corona ridge all around from that entry point.

I hope eventually Doctors in Thailand will have access to longer lasting fillers like Ellanse and offer that as another option.

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FFT or HA 1 month 1 day ago #1308717360

Both FFT and Hyaluronic Acid (HA) have strong safety profiles, the main difference being that FFT is a bit more surgical in nature in that you require the harvesting of fat from your body, whereas HA is purely non-surgical as you will be injected only. They both usually work best as a layered approach (increasing girth incrementally over multiple appointments, rather than over-filling all at once), and they both are reputed to be temporary (but long-lasting). Some content fat transfer treated with PRP via a layered approach (to allow for healthy vascularization) makes it semi-permanent, but that remains for debate.

I'd recommend Proud Urology (Korea) , they have a combination of 3 Urologists specializing in different areas of male health & enhancement. They offer a multitude of options, including their preference for Megafill (filler) and Megaderm (dermal graft akin to Alloderm). They are a very busy Clinic with solid reviews.

Their Patient Coordinator speaks fluent English and they've been very helpful. If you go their YouTube Channel, they are very informative (even if you don't speak Korean). See below:

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