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TOPIC: Uncircumcised - top down approach

Uncircumcised - top down approach 3 months 2 weeks ago #1308716633

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I’m curious if any doctors would do a top (starting from highest point by the glands) and work down when adding filler. Being uncircumcised, we have to take a layered approach and also more visits. I have gone in twice spread out far apart (almost a year) ideally I would have went in 3-4 times as soon as possible and probably would have gotten better results. I have still enjoyed the Girth even though I’ve had to do things like wear a condom to “hold” the skin in place and not slide down to the base and not even penetrate. When I started this journey, I worked at a remote job 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off and it paid well. But I didn’t like working away from my family, so I quit to work in my hometown. That resulted in me not being able to get the visits I probably needed.

We started at the base for the first visit and second was mid-shaft. Even with the first visit, it was still useful as long as I wore a condom. It seemed like the whole skin thickened all throughout, but mainly at the base obviously. For me, I definitely enjoyed it. It was even better with the second round when I got it more towards the mid-shaft, although if I don’t wear a condom, all of the main filled areas still don’t penetrate. I can use lots of lube and sometimes that works.

I feel that if they started at the highest point with low amounts, then that would at least be more useful and alleviate this. Maybe it might not look the greatest Flaccid. My doctor was prioritizing aesthetics of a Flaccid penis even on the second visit when I asked if we could aim higher. It feels like the filler I got is pointless for functionality unless like I said, I wear a condom to support it. Even if I got it completely done, the skin would still pull back and only certain areas of filled penis would penetrate. My thoughts are that you can only pull so far back, so if you started at the highest point and worked down, then at least functionally it would be a lot better. Anyway, just my rant for the night. Tonight I attempted sex without a condom. The mood was high starting so I rushed into sex without putting one on. All was good until I looked down and saw the bunching up. I lost my Erection and couldn’t get it back. Definitely psychological. I stopped for a few minutes. Cleaned up a bit and then my wife started getting me aroused again with oral. I then proceeded with a condom and had no issues. It was actually a better than normal night for us. I just wish I could be more spontaneous and not have to stop and put a condom on, sometimes that breaks the mood a bit, Erection slightly diminished and I have to work it back up.

I still have two units of 1.2mL left in my package. That might be my last round. I might let it diminish over time and revisit this later, or consider Circumcision. I now want a more aesthetic looking penis. I have made some gains in length recently and hope to continue that. Only like 1/4” in 7 weeks. Probably newbie gains.

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