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TOPIC: Flaccid Hang (increasing Flaccid length by Botox)

Flaccid Hang (increasing Flaccid length by Botox) 1 week 6 days ago #1308716611

Has anyone had any luck with Botox for increasing Flaccid length? If so, how long did it last? Where was the procedure done?

My PMMA has been very successful, but I still turtle quite a bit sometimes, and there’s a particular event this summer where I want to present the most impressive bulge I can.

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Flaccid Hang (increasing Flaccid length by Botox) 1 week 3 days ago #1308716655

I did this last year, plus a P shot. I’ve also separately done p shots without Botox so have a sense of which procedure caused what.

The bocox (100 units) did increase Flaccid hang but results were modest, about 5mm (yes, millimetres) of additional Flaccid hang in the average state. It could still fully retract eg when running in cold weather, it was the same Erect length, but in a typical state eg getting changed, going for a piss, it was about 5mm longer and felt quite a bit more ‘meaty’ in the corpus cavernosum. If you stretched it Flaccid, the corpus cavernous felt inflated and more meaty. The chambers felt kind of spongy all the time, and my whole junk felt a bit more substantial, like you had to flop it out at the urinal a bit more. It lasted three months then dissipated very quickly. I didn’t notice a significant effect on erections.

It was a bit like the improved hang effect of 5mg of Cialis, except without the improved boners, which would have been even better.

I’d be keen to hear if you have a different experience, but I wouldn’t pay what it cost in London again for what was a minimal effect. I rate p shots, pumping and shockwave more highly.

If you want a hang for summer, I’d pump, take daily Cialis, or just get HA.

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