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TOPIC: A comprehensive thought experiment for a new penile enhancement protocol

A comprehensive thought experiment for a new penile enhancement protocol 5 months 2 weeks ago #1308715328

### Comprehensive Penile Growth Protocol:

1. **Steady Hormonal Optimization:**
- TRT + GH + DHT
- **Frequency:** Weekly injections for hormonal balance.

**Rationale:** Hormonal optimization serves as a foundation for penile growth by ensuring consistent levels of testosterone, growth hormone, and dihydrotestosterone. These hormones play crucial roles in tissue development and maintenance.

2. **Less Frequent Collagen Enhancement Infusions:**
- Dermal Filler (PMMA) every 3 months + Collagen Peptides bi-monthly

**Rationale:** Collagen enhancement supports tissue structure and resilience. The less frequent administration aims to avoid overstimulation while providing ongoing support for penile integrity.

3. **Balanced Mechanical Stimulation:**
- Biomechanical Stimulation (Stretching, Pumping) + Monthly Shockwave Therapy
- **Frequency:** Daily biomechanical stimulation with monthly shockwave therapy.

**Rationale:** Mechanical stimulation promotes blood flow, tissue flexibility, and potential cell growth. Shockwave therapy enhances the effects by promoting angiogenesis and tissue regeneration.

4. **Optimized Testicle Growth and Sperm Production Treatment:**
- Clomiphene + HCG
- **Frequency:** As prescribed by healthcare professionals.

**Rationale:** Enhancing testicular growth and sperm production is introduced at this stage to support reproductive health. Clomiphene and HCG are chosen for their roles in stimulating the testes.

5. **Essential Nutritional Support:**
- Vitamin C + Zinc + Omega-3 Fatty Acids + Hyaluronic Acid (Ingestible)
- **Frequency:** Daily supplements.

**Rationale:** Proper nutrition supports overall health, collagen synthesis, and hormonal balance. Hyaluronic Acid contributes to tissue hydration and health.

6. **Structured Biomechanical Stimulation:**
- Daily Stretching and Pumping with Weekly Rest Days
- **Stretching Duration:** 10-15 minutes per session
- **Pumping Pressure:** Gradual increase up to 5 PSI
- **Pumping Time:** 10-15 minutes per session

**Rationale:** The structured approach aims to avoid overexertion while maintaining consistent mechanical stimuli. Rest days allow tissue recovery and growth.

7. **Minimal Hormonal Boosts:**
- PT-141 + IGF-1 (if applicable)
- **Frequency:** Intermittent injections.

**Rationale:** Minimal hormonal boosts are introduced intermittently to enhance the overall growth environment without constant exposure.

8. **Regular Assessments and Adjustments:**
- Bi-Monthly Assessments

**Rationale:** Regular assessments under professional supervision are crucial for monitoring progress, adjusting the protocol as needed, and addressing any potential issues promptly.

### Important Considerations:

- **Individualized Approach:** The protocol's effectiveness varies among individuals, and adjustments may be necessary based on personal response and health conditions.

- **Professional Oversight:** Consultation with qualified healthcare professionals is essential throughout the protocol to ensure safety, efficacy, and individualized care.

- **Safety First:** Prioritize safety and well-being over rapid progress, and be attentive to any signs of discomfort or adverse reactions.

This comprehensive protocol aims to address various aspects of penile growth, from hormonal balance to mechanical stimulation and nutritional support. It should be approached cautiously, with professional guidance and individualized consideration.

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A comprehensive thought experiment for a new penile enhancement protocol 5 months 2 weeks ago #1308715329

The Most important aspect of this hypothetical protocol would be the strengthening of the mind body connection through sessions with a clinical hypno-therapist. So your body is supplied with all ingredients that naturally heighten during puberty, the hypnosis session convinces your body that all this is present because it is currently in active puberty, causing the body to act accordingly, creating natural permanent enlargement of penile length, Girth, and testicle size.

Are there any doctors in here that can refute the possibility of this working through tangible science, what exactly would and would not work?

Considering that the phenomenon of the placebo effect is real, where the brain is whole heartedly convinced of something happening which causes unprovoked physical changes in the body, a protocol along these lines could very well be plausible. We know PMMA works and builds collogen, creating an aesthetically thicker shaft. We know the P-long protocol has been clinically proven to work in promoting natural length and Girth enlargement. Put these two power-houses together and add a complete conducive environment for artificial puberty, all the body would need is a simple little push in the right direction through daily or weekly sessions following intake and augmentation from the clinic.

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A comprehensive thought experiment for a new penile enhancement protocol 5 months 1 week ago #1308715341

Well there is already the P-Long Protocol that combines penile exercise devices and supplementation by with studies, so perhaps reaching out to Dr. Brandeis with your ideas wouldn't hurt.

Secondly, the PMMA injections alone provide you instant girth and hardly need any of the remaining protocol to achieve/see success in that department.

It sounds like what you are suggesting is the most optimal means to maximize size in all dimensions (length & girth), by literally including every single discussed means of enlargement found on Thundersplace, GettingBigger, and PhalloBoards, all into one regimen with your own arbitrary values/limits for the sake of this thought experiment, so that on paper, "how could it fail?" By the way, I don't mean to be a knock on your idea, it's just that Protocols less daunting would likely be exhausted first (Thundersplace Newbie Routine, the P-Long Protocol, and so on) before approaching something with a much higher degree of demands, commitments, & requirements.

I feel there are too many working parts, which in turn shrinks the pool of willing candidates to undergo this level of commitment (and that's not even considering costs). That isn't a knock on your thought experiment, rather a realization that the kind of person I picture successfully undergoing this for even 3 to 6 months (which I assume would be the minimum time in order to see discernable and permanent results) would be:
  • A person with a lot of background with many of the elements of your protocol, making the transition into the full protocol smoother.
  • A person with a very flexible schedule and no foreseeable obstacles (e.g. single, works remotely and lives along).
  • Someone genuinely under-average who has exhausted other alternatives.
  • Someone with all of the above.
Even though these people surely exist, I'm not sure how such a rigorous regimen requiring a 100-page instruction manual would sound appealing to a Physician who can promote something like the P-Long where there are far less variables to monitor, all while still achieving meaningful results.

Besides, you could undergo something like P-Long, and add whatever supplementation found in your protocol along the way. In other words, this level of commitment requires unique individuals of their own volition & desire to pursue, I personally don't think many (if any) Physician would be interested in supervising something they may interpret as convoluted for the sake of penis enlargement alone.

I could be wrong, and you should definitely reach out to these physicians directly. Again, not knocking your idea, and I suppose if you were to throw every PE dart at an enlargement program, how can it not yield even the slightest success with a full commitment of say, 3 to 6 months?

I do like that you present the reasons behind each ingredient, and my overall assessment of your thought experiment appears that you're trying to find the right ingredients for the most optimal recipe to PE success, and I do mean it when I say on paper it has every reason to work (to some degree, how good is impossible to say unless someone tries it) -- it's just that it's best suited for those who are on a very serious mission for size and have the lifestyle and finances to accommodate your thought experiment protocol.

Perhaps @Dream can chime in, this topic might be up his alley.

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A comprehensive thought experiment for a new penile enhancement protocol 5 months 4 days ago #1308715438

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I’m on TRT and have done all of the listed hormones as well. Injecting HGH and rubbing DHT gel on the penis. None of those hormones work to grow the penis. DHT could hypothetically work on someone who is hypogonadal and missed the effects of puberty. Usually these men have a micropenis and/or more feminine or underdeveloped overall physical features. My caution would be to not mess around with hormones.

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