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TOPIC: Avanti or Dr Rupeka?

Avanti or Dr Rupeka? 1 month 3 weeks ago #1308713476

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I’m new here and considering going in for some extra Girth. From what I’ve seen here I really like the results from dr Rupeka but I’m in California so Avanti would be much more convenient. Looking for some opinions on which route you would take. I’ve looked into a few other in California but ultimately the prices are too high that I’d have to wait to save up. Please chime in ur opinions or experiences. Thanks !

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Avanti or Dr Rupeka? 1 month 3 weeks ago #1308713479

Both are great options, and there are other qualified PMMA providers around the country as well. But whenever I offer to play tie-breaker, I have to be very careful not to create a conflict of interest as I promote all Sponsors equally while simultaneously encouraging healthy competition. It's a balancing act on a tight rope, so instead what I do is give you things to consider that may make one more of a "better fit" as opposed to "which one is better."

Typically if you are dealing with two practitioners and you happen to like them both, you need to look at a few factors which may help guide you in the right direction:

  1. Distance: being close to your practitioner is more re-assuring in case you need to make an urgent trip back to correct a significant issue or complication. Plus flights are likely cheaper if the distance is especially close. This would give Avanti Derma a slight edge but it's exceedingly rare for a return trip if you've managed to get through 3-4 days in Tijuana.
  2. Logistics: it's easier to explain a trip to Ohio than it is to sneak out with our passport and spend a week in Mexico (explaining to work, relatives, etc.) This would give Dr. Rupeka a slight edge unless you don't believe setting aside for time for a brief International trip will stumble your plans..
  3. Budget: obviously the less expensive of the two gets a check mark, however you must take travel & lodging into consideration; also, if finances are of no concern, than this bullet-point is moot.
  4. PMMA Type: Avanti Derma uses Linnea Safe: made Internationally (unsure of how robust the country of origin's FDA is but on the flip side has been used for many years without issue) and Dr. Rupeka uses Bellafill (may require more downtime and post-op maintenance because the bovine carrier breaks down much slower than the gel carrier of Linnea Safe, however on the flip side is approved by a notoriously strict FDA. So this is a toss-up, but at least one more thing to factor in.

As you can see, I sort of made it a tie but wanted to create enough contrast that might help you personally figure out the way to go.

Either is a win-win, hope you figure it out and good luck!

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