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TOPIC: Looking to get HA then ellanse

Looking to get HA then ellanse 10 months 4 weeks ago #1308712370

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I wouldn't dissolve it. I would just put Ellanse over it. I would also get Circumcised. If I had to place a bet, I'd bet after a month with the .6 gain you'll be wanting .5 or so more to get an Inch.

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Looking to get HA then ellanse 10 months 4 weeks ago #1308712391

David12345 wrote: I'm absolutely clueless about what to do really . One thing is certain I really want the Ellanse cause it's supposed to be really hard . But if I got Ellanse on top of HA would that not ruin the foundation cause HA is soft and it would be under it ? . Have you had any types of fillers before and if so did you like it ? This site seems pretty dead for Irish and UK users . Like Androfill reall is the best bet if from Ireland or the UK .

The HA will eventually integrate in the surrounding area, while it may not induce nearly the levels of elastin and collagen that Ellanse does, it will still stimulate a response nonetheless. So in theory it can be a foundational layer. Sure it will likely breakdown over time and dissipate, but that's precisely why filler treatments are known to require multiple rounds.

Furthermore, you may find that the HA does work for you, and you could also just continue adding HA on top of your pre-existing HA. I wouldn't jump on the Ellanse decision until you test-drive the HA first tbh.

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Looking to get HA then ellanse 10 months 3 weeks ago #1308712413

David12345 wrote: Yeah I'd love if HA was hard .Even if I had to do tops ups but 99 percent of the stories say it's squishy or soft . Have you had any types of fillers? What's the hardest known HA filler do you know ?.

99% ??

I've been seeing this narrative and it's just untrue. Have there been guys with results they didn't like? Yes. However an increasing number of men are reporting satisfaction with HA, and a lot of it has to do with the brand (Voluma and Revanesse seem to especially get positive reviews) as well as the injector (where & how much they inject). As I stated in a separate post, your penis has some natural give to it, so it ought not to feel very firm, especially when Flaccid.

And as the HA integrates overtime it'll feel even more natural until you need a top-off.

Some of the recent reviews of Dr. Shafer, PhalloFILL and others have been relatively positive and they do HA.

If you are hypercritical of how firm or soft a filler is, then maybe look at PMMA or Ellanse, but I'm here to report that these allegations of soft-vs-hard are overblown/exaggerated with HA.

I'd do exactly what the Topic title states: Get HA first - if you find that you aren't a fan of its "feel" then get the Ellanse. If you find that you are completely content with HA's feel, then you can top it off. I like both fillers, but HA possesses the strongest safety profile among fillers which is why I'm a fan of it (and I'm someone who has PMMA inside of me, so it isn't just a bias).

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