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TOPIC: Canadians Rejoice!

Canadians Rejoice! 2 months 1 week ago #1308711532

Often times the majority of our Canadian readership have found themselves traveling abroad to get work done. Locally, there simply wasn't much in the way of Male Enhancement Clinics in either quality or selection.

The Pollock Clinic was referred to the PhalloBoards by Francis of Androfill as a highly talented Male Sexual Medicine Practice in Vancouver, Canada. They have had a long and prestigious reputation of being Canada's premier Adult Circumcision and Vasectomies provider, and so naturally they have extended their work to include Male Phalloplasty via dermal filler injections. Among other things, they also specialize in erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and penile frenulectomy.

For many in Canada (and even those who reside close to the Canadian border), this is a now much more practical option to consider in your quest for gains!

Also, their expertise in Adult Circumcision comes in handy for those who are uncut and need a practitioner very familiar with the foreskin. As some of you may know, the term "accordion effect" has been coined as an aesthetic irregularity that can sometimes be a result of dermal filler injections, leading some men to consider circumcision. I hope this Clinic in particular can weigh in on this very critical discussion moving forward.

Learn more.

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Canadians Rejoice! 2 months 1 week ago #1308711537

Thanks for the warm welcome. Looking forward to connecting with everyone, especially Canadians :)

For 30 years Pollock Clinics had been serving British Columbians who are looking for treatment options for no-needle no-scalpel vasectomy, Circumcision for all ages and penile frenulectomy - all under a local anesthetic in our private clinic. We have performed well over 90,000 of these procedures in this period of time and we are able to see patients usually within days. We see patients from mainly Canada but often patients from the US who reside in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska and we have some patients who travel internationally to see us as well. In recent years based on popular demand we have expanded our services to include treatments for ED, premature ejaculation, Peyronies, testosterone deficiency syndrome (T-Optimizer treatment program) and penis enlargement with dermal fillers.

Specifically with regards to the “accordion effect” we usually see men about 50/50 who are Circumcised or not Circumcised. In my experience, there are some nuances that can sometimes be relevant. How long is the Foreskin? Is the Foreskin healthy? Are there is signs of tightness otherwise known as Phimosis when the skin is rolled back? Does the Foreskin usually roll all the back when Erect or does it stay covering the glans when Erect (often related to Foreskin length)? What is the Erect penis length? How retracted is the penis in its natural state? All of these could potentially influence the extent of the accordion effect, in our experience. Bottom line, we have to be conservative with fillers in the uncircumcised penis (there is clear consensus on this forum already). For our colleagues in countries where most men are uncircumcised - I tip my hat off to you! In our practice, we don’t suggest more than 8 syringes for an average penis length, sometimes even less, and this is assuming a “normal” anatomy (not retracted). If the penis is buried sometimes pre-treatment with Botox can be helpful (but results may vary for each individual). In those who are not candidates for Dermal Filler, we also offer multiple PRP sessions with a penis pumping program as an alternative which has also been very effective for many of our patients as well.

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