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TOPIC: Ellanse microspheres compared to PMMA

Ellanse microspheres compared to PMMA 1 year 3 months ago #1308710354

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Hi All,

I'm trying to understand the science behind the long term fillers a little more, specifically comparing Ellanse to PMMA (Bellafil), and hoping for some insight.

Both Ellanse and PMMA injections contain microspheres that stimulate collagen production which is responsible for the size gain. However, PMMA is suggested to be permanent with Ellanse said to last up to 5 years (although there have been reports of Ellanse gains lasting longer).

Regarding the results, is there actually any difference between the two? Or is Ellanse suspected to be permanent in exactly the same way as PMMA, but there simply isn't enough research/evidence to conclusively say so presently?

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Ellanse microspheres compared to PMMA 1 year 3 months ago #1308710433

My understanding is that the PCL microspheres (in Ellanse) are indeed temporary, but that the collagen-type that is created is similar or identical to that of PMMA, hence its longevity (there are different types of collagen your body can produce). This is what I gathered in conversations with different Sponsors, but I'm also not a medical professional so my interpretation of this data is surface-level.

From a study I found here ( ) talking about the relatively strong safety profile of Ellanse states -->
The PCL microspheres are 25-50 µm in size and are therefore protected from phagocytosis.6 They degrade into nontoxic, bioresorbable products that are metabolized into CO2 and H2O and excreted through normal pathways. The total bioresorption time of the product depends on the length of the PCL-polymer chain; in this regard, four product versions are available: S, M, L and E, which have bioresorption times of at least 1, 2, 3 and 4 years, respectively.

What makes this topic regarding Ellanse so complicated is that patients are reporting a retention of volume well after the manufacturer's projected lifespan. This is what I've been told by some Clinicians, and the "collagen-type theory" is the only known plausible explanation I've come across.

Regardless of what really is at play, it does appear that both the low-complication rate reported by the aforementioned study + the reported longevity of Ellanse can be seen as great news for penile application.

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