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TOPIC: Delayed Onset Nodules, Anyone?

Delayed Onset Nodules, Anyone? 1 year 5 months ago #1308709526

In late 2021 I had 15ml of HA installed over two procedures. It neared excellent results, though it started to absorb in a kind of lumpy manner. About six month in, it has two distinct hard lumps that match the characteristics of delayed onset Nodule

My operating doctor had essentially never seen this in any patient, hinting there is just something unique about my body. It wasn't a big deal ultimately, as one procedure with hylauronidase melted the lumpy remaining filler very easily. Back to baseline.

My question is, has anyone else ever had a much delayed inflammatory, lumpy, Nodule like reaction to any filler?

I have a theory that this was due to lifestyle factors. I was in an absolute peak of life stress due to growing a business through a recession and a number of other factors. Worse, in a period of stress I made a poor decision to start a steroid cycle. My body had a brutal[/I] inflammatory reaction to this. This is around the time the lumps really became prominent. I stopped taking steroids one month in as my body was just a puffy, inflamed mess. A terrible lifestyle decision in circumstances already drenched in stress. Even as I had the filler first injected, I didn't take the settling period very seriously. Just past two weeks I went on one of most physically challenging seven day overnight treks in North America.

Life now is very peaceful. I am financially secure, relationships are good and my stress is at the lowest it has been in a decade. I enjoyed the benefits of filler. My doctor is highly ethical and has urged caution should similar lumpiness set in, but is willing to install some filler again. I feel pulled to try it again now that life is so balanced, especially given what a rarity that reaction was.

Any thoughts on this? Thank you.

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Delayed Onset Nodules, Anyone? 1 year 5 months ago #1308709528

Interesting .

I’ve had a lot of HA. I’ve had little bb sized “nodules” I could feel at the base. I don’t think it has to do with the inflammatory process. More than likely it’s just the HA absorbing and or migrating . I feel like when you layer rounds on top of one another it breaks down much more slowly.

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Delayed Onset Nodules, Anyone? 1 year 5 months ago #1308709529

Thanks for this. See, that’s exactly what my instinct and common sense said both times I went in for top ups. Nothing felt inflamed, sore or indicative of autoimmune reactions. To his credit, he preferred ethical caution to taking my money, but it just resulted in my dissolving thousands of dollars of filler instead of layering over it to smooth it out like I preferred.

I think it would have been fine to just re-up it like I had originally wanted.

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