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TOPIC: To Circumcise or not to Circumcise

To Circumcise or not to Circumcise 1 year 10 months ago #1308708279

Posting this here in hopes to get some advice, I feel like my research online has just taken me round in circles to the point I'm ready to take the plunge then back out last minute, confirmation bias will always lead you one way or another.

A bit of back story although I've posted it all on here before. I had a course of HA treatments with Androfill ranging from 3.5 to 3 years ago. I believe I did way too much for my size, 24ml in the space of 6 months, the results have been awful, left me with a padded rubbery squishy penis that bunches up at the bottom. It has made it hard to even get any friction on the shaft and as a result of that lack of sensitivity my erections have also suffered greatly. I have lost count of the amount of times we have tried to dissolve and it has gotten little bits here and there but no where near all of it. They, as well as the other clinics (Dr K in Manchester and London Andrology) all are saying that I shouldn't be continuing to dissolve with hyalase as it is dangerous to use too much (not quite the easily reversible product its advertised as, although apparently I'm some sort of anomaly which is great to know). It's been over 3 years since the last HA treatment and it's clear that the body isn't going to absorb it itself. I'm not here to slate Androfill as they are helping me with offering me treatment at very reduced prices until I get it sorted, I can not also say whether it is the administration of the product or my own anatomy that is the problem.

I saw Dr James K in Manchester a couple months back, I had the intention of trying a H.A treatment of 8ml from him who hasn't treated me before in hopes that it would get better results with him, fill it out and that maybe the issue is just that is inconsistently spread out and that if I could get a firm consistency that would resolve my issues. He decided he didn't want to treat me, from an ethical viewpoint he didn't want to take my money knowing I could just have the same issues, although he also admitted that he was worried that if I have a disaster again then the Androfill issues would then become his responsibility. That was until I mentioned Circumcision, he completely changed tune and said if I was Circumcised he would be 100% confident in treatment me and that he thinks I would have better results.

I get a lot of mixed opinions on this obviously with the internet rabbit hole leading you down the scare mongering of lost sensitivity etc. I am thinking of going to London Andrology for a Circumcision, they are very expensive at £3.5k but as they also deal with p.e I wanted someone experienced in that and they also said that when doing it they would remove the lingering H.A that is still down there. Part of me wonders is this a very excessive route of removing this "reversible" product and that I'm crazy for thinking of it, the other part of me thinks I could do it then try 8ml of voluma or 8ml Ellanse both at great prices and be glad I took the risk. One thing that isn't an option is leaving my penis like this so I'm swaying toward the latter.

Would greatly appreciate if anyone could chime in on their experiences with circumcison here, did you do it as an adult? Did you do it simply to prepare for p.e treatments? And most of all.. any regrets?

Thanks for reading my essay.

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To Circumcise or not to Circumcise 1 year 10 months ago #1308708332

Sorry to hear about your issues!

From conversations I've had with Sponsors and non-Sponsors alike, the preference is Circumcised as you can see by Dr. K's reaction. Anatomically, uncircumcised units are more susceptible to aesthetic irregularity which is why you should be glad you went the HA route and not something more "permanent."

In my opinion, I would not consider actual "Removal" of HA. It's not posing a health risk and arguably the safest of all fillers that could be inside of you right now. Plus, maybe it could still present a foundational layer if you decide to re-apply Girth in the future.

The Circumcision question is tough for some guys. I've never known what it was like to be uncircumcised so I'm not sure what I missed out on. I'd say weigh out which you prefer, keeping your Foreskin or gaining a thicker shaft. If you prefer the latter, then get cut. I know getting Circumcised is a controversial thing so I hope others reading this don't see this as an advocacy of Circumcision in general - instead, I'm just providing a recommendation given Snafu86's circumstances.

I'm glad to hear Androfill is maintaining a professional relationship as they should.

Good luck!

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To Circumcise or not to Circumcise 1 year 10 months ago #1308708396

Hi, thanks for your reply. I actually saw Androfill today and it was the most productive and helpful meeting I had with them, Francis actually sat on on the meeting, hell they even asked if a trainee could look in and I just don't care at this stage, how my inhibitions have changed over the past few years HA. I hear what your saying and Dr Horn said probably not to dissolve it all too because it was hard to know what was scar tissue from dissolving and actual HA and that it would actually be helpful to leave as a guideline when administering Ellanse if we go down that road. They did both look at the donut/accordion like buildup at the base and agree that it was best to dissolve that so we did I'm hoping it worked this time because that's the area at this stage which is the most freakishly abnormal looking part, it may not help with the rest of squishiness, or maybe it will who knows, maybe thats what is stretching the rest of it out.

Interestingly they both said that Circumcision isn't really necessary for me and that a lot of guys who do it is adults regret because they hate the appearance. I get a lot of shrinkage and my glans is tiny when I have this shrinkage, I just know it will look ridiculous when Flaccid and the if enhancement still doesn't work out I'm looking at an even more embarassing "looking" Flaccid unit than I began with (I say looking because I know it doesn't actually shrink you penis just makes it look smaller). Even Dr Raheem at London Andrology who seem to be the best out there (and also deal with p.e) said he could do it but didn't think it was necessary and couldn't give any guarantee I would be happy with it, this was just his blunt honesty and I appreciate it but they are the most premium priced clinic when it comes to it and even they couldn't sell it to me.

I'm going to be in Australia for a year in a couple of months so I'm going to contact Dr Oates in the meantime for advice, as if I run out of time to get it sorted with Androfill then he is an option and has very good feedback. It'll cost me about 7 times more than what Androfill can do it for me but at least if I don't end up dropping 3.5k on a Circumcision then I can manage that.

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