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TOPIC: HA offered by medspa

HA offered by medspa 1 year 10 months ago #1308707782

Hey folks,

I saw a social media post recently from a local medspa saying that they will be offering HA Girth fillers. Since this is a new service, they are setting up "training sessions" presumably to train their staff up. The training sessions are being offered at a ridiculously low cost. I reached out to get more details and found that the injections will be administered by an RN, not a doctor. Further, they provided a before and after photo from a different practicioner that they are not associated with. While this is a reputable medspa, this seems like it may be a bit beyond their depth (they typically deal with cosmetic/facial fillers).

I have the following questions:
Have any of you all seen Girth fillers being offered by so called "medspas" before? Is this common?

What risks are there of a botched HA filler job? They guarantee that they will provide the reversal injections if things go awry. Would an RN or technicians at a medspa have the qualifications and expertise to inject a penis?

Are the red flags I mention in my first paragraph actual concerns, or am I being overly cautious and potentially wasting a great opportunity to receive a significant discount?

Thanks all!

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HA offered by medspa 1 year 10 months ago #1308707783

Well Clinics have to start somewhere - that said, there are a bunch now are offering it "because they can." I suppose if they are doing "training sessions," you'll basically be going into it not knowing how good your results are going to be.

It's like those barber shop schools that offer free haircuts; if you are trying to get a clean cut, see a well-reviewed Barber instead. The same holds true for the penis. I've seen bad work. I'm not even talking botched/complication - just bad aesthetics.

Like I said before and I'll say it again - PhalloBoards-Sponsors (found here) are Clinics that happen to SPECIALIZE in phalloplasty/penoplasty AND have a public face on this site, holding them a higher standard of care & accountability.

Not saying you should have to spend a lot on penis enlargement, but a lot of guys spend way more of "sexy cars" in hopes of getting the "same effect." In other words, the investment is worth it if you care that much about undergoing a penile procedure.

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