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TOPIC: All 10% pmma?

All 10% pmma? 2 years 4 weeks ago #1308707019

Has anyone recently gotten only 10% PMMA for their first round? I remember reading Briceb’s progress report where he used only 10% and got great looking results, however that was almost a decade ago.

Is 10% PMMA still the best route to go for a conservative, natural enhancement? Or has the school of thought changed since then? I notice almost everyone has gotten a combination of 10% and 30%. I read how there’s a clear distinction in firmness when the two are used. Is 10% PMMA still more firm than HA?

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All 10% pmma? 2 years 4 weeks ago #1308707024

There wouldn't be any difference in firmness. It's still PMMA whether it's 10% or 30% of the carrier gel. One just grows less collagen because there's less PMMA in the syringe. I believe 10% spreads out better, less chance of there being too much accumulation in one spot. I'm not sure to what degree it's easier and more efficient for Dr. Morales to inject and mold 10%.

You wouldn't want to use all 10% and seek the same amount of growth guys usually get from both 30% and 10% in one round. They aren't going to poke you 100 times in order to get 40 syringes of 10% in you and I can imagine a lot of it oozing out because you just can't hold that amount of gel.

However, whether it's Ellanse or PMMA, I believe you get more collagen growth per microsphere the less is put in you. This is just my theory but I believe the more microspheres stacked on top of one another, the harder it is for collagen to expand and network together both with itself and with blood vessels. You won't get a proportionate amount of growth in one spot the more product you put there.

Injecting less over multiple rounds has always been known to be better for aesthetics but by how much is unclear. Avanti gets great results with the 30/10 approach. Personally, I wouldn't waste more time and money on travelling to Tijuana for extra rounds if I didn't have to. But if you were really concerned about it and wanted to get half the amount of PMMA guys usually get in one round I would still get some ccs of 30%. It all depends on entry holes though. You'd have to ask Avanti if doing more ccs of 10% vs having some 30% syringes mixed in with the procedure would cause more entry holes. If they could produce the same result with the same or less amount of entry holes, I personally would choose that route.

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All 10% pmma? 2 years 4 weeks ago #1308707025

Thank you Hyperbol, I didn’t think about entry holes and how that would change between 10 and 10 percent. I’ll definitely bring that up to Dr. Morales.

My reasoning for considering all 10%, is based upon several progress reports that state that they can feel a difference in firmness between the base (30%), and the neck area (10%). I’m not sure how noticeable is the difference, but I figured as long as 10% isn’t too squishy, I would get a more consistent firmness along the entire shaft, as well as reduce the risk of nodules lumps that seem to increase when using 30%.

I’m just going stress to them again how aesthetics are my #1 priority, and that I only hope to gain NO MORE than 0.5” in Girth.

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All 10% pmma? 2 years 4 weeks ago #1308707026

Yeah there's just a greater risk of nodules forming at an entry points the more of them you have. This is more common I think with 30% though. With that being said, entry point nodules were the easiest thing to fix in subsequent rounds and some of them slowly go away on their own. But you may be more concerned with a hard little bump than me. They are more noticeable to the touch then aesthetically in my opinion. The biggest hurdle in aesthetics in my experience is the product settling in a non-uniform fashion and the collagen growing too much in one spot thus causing an irregular shape. I think my penises anatomy had more to do with this though then how Dr. Morales placed the product. My skin is tighter at certain point along the shaft and thus it was hard to keep a uniform amount of product in those areas. PMMA is easier for Dr. Morales to inject. For me with Ellanse, the product liked settling in certain spots just due to the nature of my Dick. I tried to keep my penis from retracting as much as I could for 6 weeks but it's hard when you sleep. I'm going to try wearing a sleeve just on the glans (like I do when I'm not sleeping as well) for bed after my next round because I still can get a full Erection. it shouldn't restrict anything. More entry points means more swelling which means it's harder to see what you're massaging after the procedure. Like others have said, trying to massage after the procedure is a huge guessing game. Your so swollen you can't tell where the product is. Less entry points would mean less swelling though and in theory it would then be easier to massage the product.

If you wanted just 10% and they had to give you 1 or 2 more entry holes because there are more syringes, it may not be that bad. But keep in mind they don't make 1 entry point per every syringe. Some they might but I'm not sure. With some syringes they make 2-3 entry holes because it's easier for them to spread it out that way instead of making one injection and having to spread more further.

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All 10% pmma? 2 years 3 weeks ago #1308707028

Is PMMA injected directly in the thin skin below the circ scar, or do they enter the shaft above the scar and use the cannula to go under and past the circ scar to place the filler in the neck of the penis?

Does that make sense? Forgive me if I’m not understanding the anatomy correctly, but the filler is injected in a different plane from where the circ scar tissue is, correct? So the cannula should be able to go under this scar tissue, and not through it. I’m just wondering if that could be done to avoid entry points below the scar and reduce swelling trauma.

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All 10% pmma? 2 years 3 weeks ago #1308707030

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Now that you mention it, I also recall several members noticing a difference between the firmness of 10% and 30%. Interesting...

Hyperbol, I assume you only got 30% since it was Ellanse? How has the firmness held up over many months?


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