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TOPIC: A few questions…

A few questions… 5 months 2 weeks ago #1308706348

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Hello lads,

I’ve been on the forum for around a year now reading as much as i can. Texas and Skeptical have recently wrote a few words in another thread regarding patients not really coming back to update everyone on how things have gone. Which over the time i’ve been on here i have noticed. When reading the very beginnings of peoples journeys and anticipating their further reports on how things have gone to build the confidence to go through with it, then nothing!

I was very nearly about to pull the trigger with Androfill. Then Tomerdell wrote a report that wasn’t the best experience and stopped me going through with it. He also has gone quite. Which leads me to a few points i would like to try to get to the bottom of.

If you have read Tomerdell’s report and seen his pictures after the procedure, Dr Horn left him with a very undesirable look. I won’t say anymore, you can read his report. Tom with Ians helped managed to mold it almost perfectly however the following few hours. Which makes me question is the Dr’s skill in injecting the filler such a big part of a good outcome? I can understand points of which layer it is injected and that using cannula instead of needle to help prevent lumps and nodules, but the state of Tom when first injected makes me think THE biggest part is up to the patient to mold and not some advanced patented technique. I’m not saying go to any Dr or there is no skill involved, but i hope how i have worded it doesn’t come across ignorant and you get my point. Could someone elaborate?

Second question is about the ‘easily reversible” HA. All clinics say that HA is safe and that it can be easily reversed. However in one recent report from Snafu, he talks about his problems having it dissolved. Its been over a year he’s been trying. Could any of the boards sponsors give us some examples of their first hand experience in dissolving HA and tell us if it is indeed easy. This has been another reason i have not gone through with the procedure. If it can be i would definitely at least try HA. However i really don’t want lengthy and on going subsequent appointments in trying to get it dissolved.

And My final question is about more clinics in the UK. After hearing Tom’s reports on Dr Horn and other reports on how he’s kept people waiting for sometimes a few hours. I find this to be very unprofessional, not great considering the nature of the situation. I have heard Moorgate have upped their game. Ian recently commented on my post regarding them confirming this. @SkeptikalOne would you consider contacting them to see if they would be a viable option for us in the UK and Europe?

Sorry for the long post. This is just my experience over the past 12 months on this board and some sticking points on why I haven’t gone through with it yet. This has been a great source of information for such a sensitive issue. Hopefully more members can keep contributing in the future to keep it going.

Thanks John.

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A few questions… 5 months 2 weeks ago #1308706349

I can't speak for Tomerdell's case specifically, but I will say that all my Sponsors have had a negative review or two or more. Dr. Casavantes, Dr. Shafer, Calibre, and others have all had patients that were not completely satisfied. What matters most is how they resolve the issue after the fact. As far as I know both in private talks with members here AND Francis (Androfill's Representative), most unsatisfied cases are generally resolved in some form or fashion.

This is an elective procedure that comes with both risks and missed swings. That's why you opt for the best, follow post-op protocol to your best, and hope your body accommodates. If there was a penis enlargement holy grail, this conversation wouldn't even have taken place.

I've had talks with Francis about establishing a better communication with patients (from Doctor to Patient) on post-op protocol, because much of a dermal fillers success is in the first 72 hours, not just the operating table. I'm confident in Dr. Horn's injection skillset given that he's a Plastic Surgeon, which often requires the most "skilled hands" in medicine. There may be some other Practitioners joining Androfill as well, but I will have to get an update on that.

As for HA being "easily reversible," depends on a few factors, but I'd like to get a Resident Sponsor to confirm the medical accuracy of my understanding on this topic. The following is just me "thinking aloud": Hyaluronidase by its very nature dissolves Hyaluronic Acid, so in theory, it should work like a charm, right? My thinking has to do with (1) the amount being dissolved and (2) how long the HA has been in the penis. As for (1), if you've only had 5ml, surely this isn't a lot to dissolve, but if you've had 30ml over multiple rounds, you'd likely need to dissolve the HA over multiple rounds as well. As for point (2), I wonder how much "integrating of the HA into surrounding tissue over time" can affect the effectiveness of hyaluronidase, and why 100% dissolution may not work for everyone. I'd really like to get more clarity on this in the near future.

I have reached out to other European/British Clinics and either (a) they haven't responded (yet) or (b) Sponsorship is outside their marketing budget/constraints (which usually tells me that they don't do nearly enough Phalloplasty to warrant what I consider reasonable rates). Moorgate was on my blacklist for a while but have been recently taken off due to "good behavior." They were banned not so much for shilling, but repeated shilling after having been warned multiple times. However this was many years ago and I do believe they've gotten better, both ethically and in service. As to how "good" they are with injectables remains to be seen. They've declined to join the PhalloBoards at present time for reasons unclear (they may have already planned their marketing budget for the business calendar year, and I assume as much since they said they would reconsider collaboration again in the future).

That said, I believe Androfill remains the best standard in Phalloplasty in the U.K. and that explains why they have been represented here for so long. They offer an array of Male Enhancement services, filler options, and come with the experience necessary to get my thumbs up. Francis has jokingly said they are considering turning away PB patients because they've been so busy, even in light of the pandemic climate -- this tells me they're doing something right.

I wish some of these men with less-than-ideal outcomes would update their final results, especially if it involves a PhalloBoards Sponsor. However, I stop short of condemnation if I don't have the whole story.

I've always pointed out these Sponsors are held to a higher standard of care & accountability by having a public face here, which can prove to be mutually beneficial for both patient & doctor. It serves a Clinic's best interest to provide the very best service 100% of the time, knowing full well the most intimate details of their practice are published on these forums. It's like a "Yelp" for Dick Reviews.

The reality is you have to make the best judgment call with the information available, and the PhalloBoards represents the most comprehensive source of that information. I can faithfully recommend Androfill in light of your concerns. I'll see if I can get them to chime in to see if there is anything they can add. Good luck either way.

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A few questions… 5 months 6 days ago #1308706428

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