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PLEASE REMEMBER !!! 5 months 2 weeks ago #1308706341

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If i could make a wish for this board and for all of us who seek something from this board as well as the help of others here: that wish would be to share more experiences with lengthy stories and certainly more photos, I mean seriously, this is what most of us come here for: experiences combined verifiable outcomes; no matter what those outcomes are.

Please remember how and why you found this board in the first place! Remember the emotions you felt/feel that lead you to do the searches on the internet that brought you here. For those that have gone out and got a procedure: remember what you went through emotionally to pull that trigger. Remember the feelings that you felt after the procedure and even further when every settled down. and so and so on.

So may times guys get here to this board seeking the advice of others that are still active in the search of what they hope will change their lives, even if in the smallest way, for the better. They make contact with everyone that they can and seem to appear to be good contributors as well. Then they finally get their procedures completed and they fucking disappear ! Which then leaves so many others respectively high and dry who were waiting for a result, a feeling, an opinion, a story, a photo, a SOMETHING !
So many come here and just seemingly take take take and then fail to give back.

We need to do more for the board guys. We need more data out to be out there.

So look, if the shoe fits, wear it, and if it doesn't great. This is just something to think about that I hope resonates with some and gets applied. Please consider this as you start your journey here; And consider it even more if you have had something done as a result of being here.

happy new year everyone.
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PLEASE REMEMBER !!! 5 months 2 weeks ago #1308706344

Firstly, if there were a hundred lines of signatures required to sign off on this, I'd sign all hundred.

Secondly, I feel the same way @Texas , a lot of guys will and do disappear months/years after the fact. In many ways I get why for some drift away, but there is no reason they couldn't at least provide annual updates. Kudos to those who do!

Thirdly, any story you have, if it can be substantiated in the slightest, you have a shoulder and an ear. This pursuit of getting our dicks bigger isn't something we can talk about around the family dinner table, all we have is us. So let's be true to one another, in sincerity and in honesty.

Fourthly, it IS OKAY to have a bad review or complaint about a Doctor, especially a Sponsor. Your best bet in my opinion is to say something, because quite frankly, you ought to be heard. If I have a Sponsor with too many bad reviews, GOOD RIDDANCE. I demand my Moderation team hold me accountable to that.

Fifthly. if you ask questions and private message active members, please offer the same in return. @Texas is right about those who take & take and not give back. Please give back. Hell, it doesn't have to be Premium Membership or donations, JUST POST!

Lastly, I've been doing some reading around other PE forums (I've been tipped off), and there has been a resurgence of Dr. Elist (and other Penuma installing Doctors), Dr. Loria (Medicine's greatest jester), and S-L-E (fake Mexican PMMA a.k.a. Dan Salas), re-emerging as viable options. What's worse? They've all spent disgusting amounts of money to bury me in search results, and here I thought Google's Algorithm could tell between what was legit and what was "bought."

I implore all of you who've benefited from this site to represent this forum positively when mentioned on other sites, and not as some dimwitted cultists like you'd find on the Penuma subreddit, but as protectors of truth in a world of blatant misinformation. I hope I'm not asking for too much.

And much love & appreciation to @Texas for being a REAL ONE, and saying what needs to be said!

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