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TOPIC: Bulges? Before and After?

Bulges? Before and After? 1 year 3 months ago #1308706209

I'm mostly curious about the Girth filler procedures due to the obvious increase in Girth, mass, and Flaccid length. Aesthetics are absolutely my number one concern.

I'm about 5x4 Flaccid most days and generally a shower, but due to my height my bulge isn't as proportionally large as I would like.

How was everyone's before and after experience on the actual day to day life after this procedure? Is your bulge noticably larger and do you enjoy this aspect? How much heavier do you feel?

Given my proportions, how much of a Flaccid increase could I expect from this sort of procedure with about a 10ml session?

I'm new and trying to really dig into researching every aspect of this idea before committing, given the expense. I would likely only be going for one session.

Thanks in advance!

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Bulges? Before and After? 1 year 2 months ago #1308706236

Pmma in my experience adds girth, adds same amount flaccid and erect.
So it makes penis fatter, especially makes flaccid penis more % bigger than before.

Also pmma make penis kinda heavier and surely made me much more into a shower than a grower. Meaning also flaccid there is more flaccid length.

So this all would really help with bigger bulge.
But Bulge is hard to do i think, i mean you gotta be kinda gargantuas superlarge to have a prominent big bulge that other people clearly see in the trousers.

I bought these underpants which are specially formed and really make a bulge.
It's very visible bulge in jogging trousers, less so in jeans.

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