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TOPIC: New Here With Questions pre first procedure

New Here With Questions pre first procedure 2 years 9 months ago #1308704164

Hello All.
New Here.
I joined LPSG first and read a detailed thread about a doctor (L) who's-full name-I-shall not mention (because I've now read a few posts on this site as well and that seems grounds for an insta-ban, and again, I'm new here).

What I will say is the thread at LPSG seemed very convincing, but when I came here it seemed the complete opposite.
As someone who's looking to enhance for the first time (non surgically)
I'm looking at Shafer (who's a train ride away) & Rejuvall
But also at Dr. L b/c the results over there seem ok and long lasting if one does it only once or twice and then stays away after that BUT
I have read other comments here that there are tons of horror stories about Dr. L to the point where he seems to be as bad as James Elist (aka the butcher). But I haven't seen many posts that go into detail about just how bad Dr. L is so I was wondering if I could be pointed in the right direction?

One thing that I'm wary of with Dr. L is it seems that everywhere that I can find reviews they seem to all be glowing--but when something's like that I get highly suspicious and wonder if it's just sock puppets everywhere spamming for him.

First timer
Looking for non surgical procedure
Shafer Rejuvall & Dr. L
but want detailed negative Dr. L (and maybe even positive if there are any genuine positive Dr L reviews here. But mostly just want honest reviews)

The appeal about Shafer for me is that it's close by and reversible BUT I read a post here about someone getting voluma xc via Androfill a few years back and having to sue Androfill b/c it didn't work, so on the flipside I hope that doesn't end up being the case with Shafer
But again with it being local and reversible I figure prob worth a shot

THe potential appeal of Dr. L is it seems to be relatively quick (1 month +) and seems to be "stout" for lack of a better term.

Thx all.

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New Here With Questions pre first procedure 2 years 9 months ago #1308704169

Dismiss Dr. Loria altogether. No one wants silicone oil in their Dick. He gives this industry and medicine a bad name.

The other options you mentioned are both ethical and proven, and the decision making process might be more about travel and logistics than anything else.

Good luck!

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