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TOPIC: Soft Glans/Venous Leakage after hanging/manual PE

Soft Glans/Venous Leakage after hanging/manual PE 3 years 2 months ago #1308703069

Hi gents

I wanted to see if anyone else has dealt with having a soft glans/Venous Leak issue after Hanging or manual PE when Erect.

I started becoming really dedicated to manual PE around 10 years ago and got into heavy wrapping and Hanging along with Clamping and some occasional air pumping. My glans was definitely taking a little beating once I was maybe 5 minutes or more into Hanging with heavy weight. I used heat wraps to warm up and silicon and bandage wrap under my Bib Hanger but my glans still occasionally got a little blue/cold. Looking back obviously that seems dumb to have done, even for 5 minutes multiple times but I also think the pressure of having the weight pulling down on a partially engorged glans, may have damaged the veins as well. All in all, I tried to follow exact instructions from other guys on the sites but maybe I was still doing it wrong.

Prior to that time, I recall my glans would fully engorge with an Erection but ever sense, my glans is maybe 50-60% full during an Erection. I’ve had one girlfriend say something like, “why doesn’t the tip get as hard unless you really squeeze it?” I didn’t really care that much since it didnt affect having sex but now I realize I may have something going on that could be resolved.

If I really flex down hard I can trap the blood in there and get a full 100% for a few seconds but it’s impossible to keep for longer unless I clamp off the base (like I used to do with clamps which may also be part of the cause).

Either way, I’m stuck with about 50-60% glans max in general and it’s smaller than my shaft which is 4.6 EG so I want to address this before I do any fillers.

Has any here successful used or tried any methods to Repair something like this? I’ve read about doing a penis Doppler study, nerve conduction testing , shockwave therapy and possibly surgery that can be performed to ligate veins and close iatrogenic shunts(?).

Any feedback?

Any doctors recommended for someone on the east coast to check it out. I was thinking maybe Morganstern.

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Soft Glans/Venous Leakage after hanging/manual PE 3 years 2 months ago #1308703070


IF you want information relating to erectile dysfunction then, 'Franktalk' is the place to go. A freindly forum.

In short, it sounds like you may have fibrosis. You are going to have to see a doctor.
A Cock ring will help you. You're problem is that, although blood is entering the glans, the veins are no longer compressing during Erection. Blood leaves faster than in enters.
This is possibly due to fibrosis.
Anyway, 'Franktalk' is the site for you. They specialise in erectile dysfunction. They have nothing to do with enlargement.
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