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TOPIC: FFT might gone wrong. Help, please!

FFT might gone wrong. Help, please! 3 years 3 months ago #1308702824

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Hello all!
I recently had fat transfer surgery. I was told by the doctor that we would perform 3 interventions and they should be at least 3 to 6 months apart each.
I had the first one on the 31st of December, didn't go under general anestesia. They gave me some pills and I think local anhestesia, but I could still feel a bit and remember moving a lot during surgery but I was very dizzy from the pills. After that surgery and the swelling start going down I noticed some hard lumps but they told me all of that would go away. I kept going to the clinic weekly for what they called "physiotherapy" , they use a device sort of like a pen and roll it, it sort of feels like it burns. They also use like a vacuum device. I was not told to perform any massages or do anything at home. I did not see much improvement regarding the size.
I went for the 2nd surgery on the 26th, there was an anesthetist present and I went under general anestesia. The doctor injected fat in the gland as he claimed to perform a tridimensional method and could extend the length as well. He also performed Circumcision. I returned home and had horrible pain for the first 2 weeks. I was told to remove surgical dressing (not sure if this is how to call it) after 3 days and that is how I did. When I removed it it looked really scary, there was a massive sort of Nodule from the gland through the skin. I don't know how to explain this better so I am attaching some photos.
I panicked and contacted the nurses and they told me this is normal and to not be scared cause it is the normal procedure. I kept going there weekly, but they did not use the vacuum device as they said that it first needed to heal. 2 weeks later that was an area that seemed to start getting infected, completely yellow and not healing at all. They then gave me sort of a "plastic skin" to cover the area and see if it would heal with that. There was also a bit of skin on the top of the circ not healing well.. As there was not much progress they told me that I would have to go for a small correction of these 2. I am supposed to go there this Friday for the correction he is talking about, but at this point I am really scared he might do worse and that there would be no return back.
I am attaching photos from the day I removed the "surgical dressing", the 29th of February, and photos from today, over a month past...
I would really appreciate your feedback and recommendations on this as I feel completely lost and overwhelmed!

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FFT might gone wrong. Help, please! 3 years 3 months ago #1308702844

I’m really sorry to hear that. Are you in the US? Or Europe? I would start looking for other Doctors who have experience with Fat transfer. I don’t understand why they attempt to put fat in your glands. There is not enough space for that substance. Fat is too thick to be absorbed in the gland, which is why doctors only use HA in that area.

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FFT might gone wrong. Help, please! 3 years 2 months ago #1308702904

Why would a dr inject fat into the glans? That is not normal. I had FFT procedure with zero issues so far.

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