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TOPIC: Ellanse dissipation

Ellanse dissipation 3 years 6 months ago #1308701137

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People who are hesitant about the permanency of PMMA choose Ellanse so they can get rid of it if necessary. Does anyone know if Ellanse really does get completed eliminated from the body? It would be unfortunate to choose the temporary option only to find out it's not as temporary as they thought or that it still causes major issues.

And has anyone ever decided after Ellanse that they're comfortable with fillers and choose to do PMMA at that point?

It'd be good to know as well how long you're required to wait to do PMMA once Ellanse has dissipated. I can only imagine that it'd be frustrating to be small after having been big and having to wait an extended period of time before being able to be big again.

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Ellanse dissipation 3 years 6 months ago #1308701140

Before it absorbs/dissolves completely, You can’t get rid of it without degloving. Does anyone know if it completely goes away? Well, the company that makes Ellanse knows and they’ve done trials proving that it does. I also believe there are Ellanse patients (facial) that have shown through biopsies that they no longer had microspheres.

No one has gotten PMMA after Ellanse in the penis as far as information brought to this board is concerned. I’m pretty sure the absence of a report here of PMMA after Ellanse from patients and doctors active on this forum reflects the outside world unless there’s stuff going on in Brazil we aren’t aware of. I’m sure there are plenty of current Ellanse patients who would be comfortable with PMMA in the future. I probably would be at some point but I have no idea when that would be. I’m trying to gauge the risk of adding nodules through increased injections vs going with PMMA and having less injections in my life but also factoring in Nodule/scar tissue treatment or Removal.

I’m pretty sure the doctors on here would say, whether they want to recommend PMMA or not, the level of safety involved with getting PMMA after Ellanse becomes pretty much equal to that of a pre-PMMA penis as soon as the Ellanse is gone. And there are some doctors on here that might even have an opinion that most likely the two different microspheres wouldn’t pose a big risk of negatively reacting with each other for the duration of their combined tenure in your member. Now, if you were to get PMMA after Ellanse and then Ellanse after PMMA would that add greater risk or would it be the same risk? Who knows, no one really knows. But either way, given a doctor will deem it just as safe to inject PMMA after Ellanse once the Ellanse is gone as it would be to inject PMMA in a pre PMMA penis, there’s no reason to worry about waiting for your gains to drop because after the Ellanse is gone you’ll be left with the collagen that makes up your gain and it would take a good amount of time for the collagen to dissipate.

Currently Dr C and Avanti, The only clinic I’m aware of that offers PMMA and Ellanse for the penis (again, Brazil?) hasn’t crossed the bridge of PMMA after Ellanse because they haven’t gotten to it yet. To our knowledge, everyone in the world whose gotten Ellanse in their penis still has it.

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