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TOPIC: Dr Ibrahim /Asheville

Dr Ibrahim /Asheville 3 years 10 months ago #1308698557

Has anyone had HA filler from Dr Ibrahim lately. He injects 2cc per visit a month apart . He doesn’t use
Voluma because he says it doesn’t feel natural( too squishy). I couldn’t find out what HA filler or mixture he uses. Does anyone know ? How long does it last ? I figured I’d need at least 5 trips (10cc) . D ont understand why only 2cc per visit

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Dr Ibrahim /Asheville 3 years 10 months ago #1308698558

You've been on these forums, under various names, for many years and have tried a number of different procedures and Dr's. Isn't it time to consider biting the bullet and just flying down to Mexico? I hate advising people to go to a certain Dr or to get a certain procedure, as I don't want any responsibility if things weren't to go well. But in your case, it's card of hard to resist the temptation to tell you to stop messing about and just admit you aren't happy with the options in the US.

You obviously want a bigger penis and you want it to be aesthetically pleasing and with a realistic feel. I think you need to stop wasting your time with FFT and HA etc, as you have for the last 5 years. You are obviously concerned about PMMA being permanent. So just go and get Ellanse with Dr C. No more messing about! Staying in America and getting procedures that are allowed there, just isn't doing you any good.

Think about it, how long have you been a member here for? How many Dr's have you seen and procedures have you had? And you still aren't satisfied.

We have a member who went to Dr Abraham for HA and he had Necrosis and lost a chunk of his shaft skin.

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Dr Ibrahim /Asheville 3 years 10 months ago #1308698562

Hello Hoddle,
Good to hear from you. You are absolutely correct . I am still getting treatments at Morganstern for peyronies /erectile dysfunction and was advised not to consider Any enlightenment procedures until
done with treatment protocol . Ellanse was what I was interested in and would see Carney in Atlanta or Dr. C. I was just curious about what Ibrahim was doing . I know he won’t inject more than 2cc per visit. I would not use him , but was curious as to what filler he was using since he said Voluma was too squishy. I asked but couldn’t get an answer. I would never get any filler without knowing exactly what it was and was skeptical since the filler wasn’t mentioned. I’m sure I would need at least 10 -12 cc of Ellanse I’m at 5.5 EG Would prefer to be at 6 EG

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