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TOPIC: - Becoming a Qualified Candidate for Phalloplasty & Informed Decision Maker -

- Becoming a Qualified Candidate for Phalloplasty & Informed Decision Maker - 3 years 11 months ago #1308698442

- Becoming a Qualified Candidate for Phalloplasty & Informed Decision Maker -

I can't overstate the importance of becoming an educated consumer, especially in an area prone to compulsion (i.e. vanity, a.k.a. getting a "bigger Dick"). The field of Phalloplasty has made great strides in the past 10+ years; many of the under-developed & risky methods of old have been replaced or refined over time.

In light of these developments, making the decision to undergo Phalloplasty hasn't necessarily "gotten easier." It isn't just a matter of finding the "right doctor" or "best value," but whether or not you need to get work done at all. Even in its modern iteration, Phalloplasty still poses risks for complication, some more acceptable than others... can this be something you're willing to accept if it can ultimately become a life-changing decision? My hope is that PhalloBoards can be an integral part of your decision-making process so that you can make the right decision moving forward.

I think a good starting point should be a linear self-analysis & questionnaire:
  1. Do I genuinely have a size problem? Or is there a psychological component that needs to be addressed by a healthcare professional (i.e. "is it all in my head")?
  2. Are there other outlets or means to resolve my size insecurities and/or self-esteem without having to go the route of aesthetic medicine? Examples: physical fitness, furthering my education, advancing careers, acquiring new hobbies & skills, etc.
  3. If it isn't entirely all in my head, how adversely is it impacting my sex & love life?
  4. If my sex & love life are taking a hit due to my size insecurities, do the possible benefits of Phalloplasty outweigh the known risks?
  5. If I can become as informed as reasonably expected to, am I prepared to go through with the commitment and everything it entails?
  6. Irrespective of my size, if I'm doing this for my partner(s) or significant other (or for purposes of "sexploration"), is she/he aware of my decision(s), supportive of my decision(s), and reasonably informed on the specifics of my desired procedure?
  7. It is okay to seek out cosmetic work as a man, even if I'm of average or above-average endowment. However, can I accept the potential pros & cons that come with undergoing an elective procedure?

Answer these questions honestly. Don't rush into a procedure with dreams of a pornstar Dick. Be realistic, be practical, and be informed. You may just realize Phalloplasty isn't for you. However, if you do decide to get work done, conduct diligent research (even if it takes hours & days & weeks) and ask the right questions so that you can seek out the best doctors performing the most advanced methods & techniques. The more you know and the more confident you are in your decision, the likelier a successful outcome yours will be.

The decisions made on this forum are not my responsibility nor the responsibility of the PhalloBoards website. With that said, I do have a sense of duty to support & nourish a healthy way of thinking regarding a topic that plagues the insecurities of many men. I also feel that this forum needs to bring attention to the dangers of Body Dysmorphic Disorder, which may lead some men to undergo Phalloplasty needlessly, assuming unnecessary risks. Bringing attention to this does not mean we should play armchair psychologists, but instead bring to light the factors that could affect our decision-making process.

Remember, this forum isn't just an information-hub, but it's also a community. Let us all embrace positive mental health and informed decision making... and as always, good luck!

-Skeptical One
PhalloBoards Administrator
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- Becoming a Qualified Candidate for Phalloplasty & Informed Decision Maker - 2 years 3 weeks ago #1308707751

Great Advice for newbies as the information gained from reading other men's experiences is truly invaluable.I was one of the dumb patients of Dr. Rosenstein who promulgated ads in the big States in 1994-1995, and I believed that a physician such as Fr. Rosenstein who was trained in China, was concerned about his patients. Sadly, I became a casualty of his sloppy work, poorly disinfected O.R., and careless stitching. Over time, I did see another reconstruction physician who helped Repair some of the damage; over several years the scarring at the base of the penis kept building up scar tissue which leads to a shortening of the length of the penis. Long story short, it has been my experience that money is the cause of so many botched procedures; I have lost faith in surgeons who Repair the " problem ", take your funds, and care less about you, the patient. Most penis enlargement, scrotal, varicocele, and Girth enhancement surgeons could care less about the Hippocratic Oath and care more for the funds received by patients. Thus, being skeptical, cautious, and reading the phallo boards can be powerful instruments of knowledge to protect yourself from depression and anger.
Thank you.

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- Becoming a Qualified Candidate for Phalloplasty & Informed Decision Maker - 2 years 3 weeks ago #1308707778

An excellent review of the " why" you want a larger organ.Thank you.
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