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TOPIC: Research the Doctor, Not Just the Procedure!

Research the Doctor, Not Just the Procedure! 2 years 1 month ago #1308697654 Story of a phalloplasty surgeon (Dr. Krakvosky) at risk of having his license revoked published only a few months ago.

Makes you wonder how Dr. Elist has gotten this far(??). I remember Dr. Krakovsky, he hasn't been talked about in years. Makes you wonder how long these investigations take?

A reminder to those who visit this site --> It's a serious matter to me that this forum community is associated with only the most skilled, competent, and professional of doctors. Sponsorships are not extended to just anyone, and I don't always accept those who come to me for advertising. I know it can be difficult to find not only the right procedure type for you, but to be in good hands all the same.

No doctor has a 100% success rate, especially in the less-than-refined field of phalloplasty. That doesn't mean, however, that there aren't genuinely good ones, and it remains one of my goals to represent world-class talent. Do your research, which not only includes using this site, but to look up medical/public records, and to contact them directly with very specific questions & inquiries.

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Research the Doctor, Not Just the Procedure! 2 years 1 month ago #1308697656

Also, research the broker selling you the procedure, as well as the doctor.

Dr Krakovsky will joining the growing list of penis enlargement surgeons who lost their medical license having been endorsed by Dan Salas. It amazes me that there are still people out there who defend Dan. He must have a pimp like quality, as he seems to have a kind of hold over some guys. Dr Barron, Dr Rhienschild and Dr Knight have all also worked with Dan and all lost the medical licenses. How much "bad luck" can one surgical broker have? At some point surely even the most ardent supporters of Dan have to start to consider that maybe he doesn't care about the quality of the Dr's he works with! He's already onto his 3 rd PMMA Dr. No one had ever heard of the most recent 2 before so it begs the question where on earth did he find them and how the hell can he know enough about them to endorse the quality of their work? Why did the relationship with the previous 2 PMMA Dr's break down?

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