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TOPIC: Procedure in penile implanted utent. Question

Procedure in penile implanted utent. Question 4 years 5 months ago #1308695977

sorry for my bad english. i will write simply so it will be easier to understand my thought. I have an inflatable implant in my penis. i found some threads here but they didn't help me much. My current girth is 14 cm ( when pumped). I would be happy to have an increase of 0.5 inch. I would like to try HA to have a moderate increase in girth. I have understood that it is the safest substance and if I don't like the result, it is possible to go back. I live in Europe and I think I read that Androfill in London is considered a good center. my problem is that i had inflatable implant 4 years ago(i was suffering from ed) and it made me reborn, very happy with it, the best choice of my life. finally I have a functioning penis, always hard when necessary. my partners love my steele dick. moreover I think I have an advantage because after ha procedure, i will not need to give stretching, since I just need to inflate the implant and it reaches its maximum extension (7inch, about 18 cm on lenght). My damn fear is that the needle may touch the implant. if it happens. this is a ruin! for me it will be a disaster! I believe you understand what I mean. Many say that the implant is inside the corpora cavernosa so it shouldn't be a problem since the puncture is very superficial just below the skin. however when I touch my penis, I feel the prosthesis cylinders very evident. it seems to me impossible to think that the needle will not prick them. I really hope to receive answers from the various expert doctors here (Avanti- dr Oates - Androfill) and I hope to read they have already treated patients with penile implantation.
my further fear is that if the puncture is too superficial so as not to touch the prosthesis, the result will not be good. . I hope to have clarifications. thank you

PS. The pics show an inflatable penile implant .
I hope to be able to insert photos. these my first post

  • HA dermal fillers comparison.jpg

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Procedure in penile implanted utent. Question 4 years 5 months ago #1308695992

This is a very doctor-specific question.

If you want some personal opinions from medical professionals experienced in the field (not to be mistaken with an official consultation, diagnosis, or prescription), please visit the Doctor's Forum.

I'd imagine your best bet would be to find a consultation in person (contact Androfill) and have your inflatable implant Doctor reach out with Androfill's performing physician (presumably Dr. Horn), or at the very least, approve the transfer of records so that any cosmetic work can be done with the implant in-mind.

Good luck!


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