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TOPIC: Forum Submitted Q&A

Forum Submitted Q&A 6 months 2 weeks ago #1308707576

Common Questions generated by Moderators & Members of the PhalloBoards Forums with answers provided by Dr. Oates:

(1) Can you gain length from Girth Injections?

I have had a few guys tell me they feel they have gained length from Girth augmentation and this was a bit of a surprise. I do believe that stretching can make a difference in length but most guys using stretching devices don’t see it because it takes a lot of dedication with hours of daily use over months. Are these guys getting constant mild stretching from the ‘weight’ of the product in the shaft? Is it just the Flaccid penis does not retract as much because of the product? But I have had a guy swear that his Erect penis was longer. In general I tell guys not to expect any increase in length and if they get some it is very lucky. Hopefully I have something in development that can do something to help here and it should be released later this year.

(2) Blunt-Tip Cannula vs Needle?

We use 'blunt' cannula. Most injections were being done with needles which have a cutting point. Cannula look similar but are blunt ended. We need to puncture the skin with a needle first then use the cannula once in. Injecting is the space between the superficial (Dartos) fascia and deep (Buck's) fascia. Inject circumferentially.

(3) Best Circumcision for Girth Enhancement (Filler)?

Generally we prefer a well Circumcised penis over an intact Foreskin. But since most guys in Australia now are uncut it is routine for us to treat uncut guys. But the Circumcision can give its own issues. Some guys, especially when done as adults, get hypertrophic (thickened) scars. These can be difficult to get past with a blunt cannula. Even some very smooth well healed scars can be stuck down and give a depression – especially in the midline on the ‘top’ side of the penis.

We like the Circumcision to be closer to the glans maybe 1cm from the rim of the corona. I saw one recently where it was sutured directly to the glans which is not idea either. The skin past the Circumcision tends to be very thin and a bit more difficult to get perfectly smooth. Some guys get skin ‘bridges’ from the healing of their circ. That is there are little tunnels of skin. The problem is recognizing them and ensuring they are sterile when doing the procedure and they can harbour bacteria.

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