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TOPIC: CBD oil and erection quality plus longer sex

CBD oil and erection quality plus longer sex 5 years 6 months ago #1306503391


I would like to share personal experience which pleasantly surprised me recently and curious this might be helpful for other men too.

I have been researching CBD oil( pure hemp based CBD oil, zero THC, hence no \"high\" or any other effects of weed) for sometime for reducing anxiety and seasonal mood disorder etc.
Its pretty well known for these benefits and have been taking oral tincture for couple of weeks. I tried with 20mg dosage per day and since a week have changed to 30mg twice a day..since the dispensary mentioned 1mg per kg of body weight.

I had pretty average sexual performance , now after 12 sessions of shock-wave seen some improvements. I am single so occasionally take 10mg Cialis, when I expect the need to get a boost. I had tried Viagara 100mg few times earlier and got stronger erections and more frequent erections. Helped me to last longer too.

Recently after using 60mg CBD oil for some time I noticed general sense of well being, anxiety almost zero levels, happiness and stress response improvement. I was with a girl , it was our first time together and she wasn\'t even that attractive.Had taken 100mg Viagara ..possibly to impress her.. and after pumping her for half and ab muscles started hurting . I realized that I never had experienced this quality of Erection before..ever.
I am 40 plus btw. Sex felt way better, the Erection quality was better and I lasted so long she actually texted me next day..\"I didnt know men can last so long\".

I assume most men are at least conscious of performance if not anxious. I had mild general anxiety for long time and CBD might have helped me relaxed a lot.

Would be interesting to know if anyone else used CBD oil has and seen any changes.

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