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TOPIC: Dr. Shafer Community Q&A

Dr. Shafer Community Q&A 2 years 1 month ago #1308707672

These are Community-contributed questions answered directly by Dr. Shafer, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and a leading innovator in non-surgical Girth enhancement.

(1.) What is Scrotox? What are its benefits, how long does it last, and who are the ideal candidates for this type of procedure?

Scrotox is using Botox to help rejuvenate the scrotum. Botox is FDA approved to relax the underlying muscles of the upper face which results in the relaxing of the overlying wrinkles in the skin. The same concept can be used in other parts of the body including the scrotum and penis. In the scrotum, the Botox or Scrotox, can be used to help smooth the appearance of the scrotal skin - making it smoother and tighter appearing. For the penis, relaxing the muscle with Botox can help patients that tend to be growers rather than showers. The Botox can help prevent retraction which occurs with cold or other conditions - allowing the penis to hang longer in the Flaccid state.

(2.) What are the risks of filler migration? Does the type of filler play a role in this risk, if any?

Filler injections in the penis are becoming a very popular treatment through procedures such as the SWAG procedure for width and Girth. The most popular fillers are Juvederm Voluma XC and Bellafill. There are two issues with filler movement. First, initially after injection, fillers take a week or two to settle. It's important during this time to help maintain the shape of the penis with massage and wrapping to help fold the filler in the position intended. This is even more important in patients that are growers, as the retraction of the penis in the Flaccid state that shifts the filler while it is still settling. Occasionally a second treatment is required after the filler has settled to achieve the best results. Second, filler can migrate over time as it's metabolized. This is more subtle and occurs most often when large quantities of filler are placed. Third, the weight of the filler on the penis can stretch the overlying skin creating an pseudo-Foreskin appearance which many men enjoy. However, as the skin advances forward, surrounding skin is recruited toward the penis shaft which is normally in the pubic area. This may create a narrowing toward the base which will require more filler over time to achieve the best and most uniform results.

(3.) How long does the S.W.A.G. procedure last, and what type of anesthesia is used?

The most common filler for the SWAG procedure is Voluma XC which lasts up to 2 years. However, it's important to understand that all the filler does not last the full two years. It's good to think about it similar to filling up your gas tank. While a full tank may get you 300 miles, you would normally fill up your take after a 150 miles when you are on a half tank. While it's ok to wait and fill up when you are on low, most people choose to maintain their results by topping it off annually. For example, if you do 20 syringes for your initial treatment, you may do 10 syringes annually to maintain. Of course, some guys decide to keep going larger and will do more syringes with each treatment to keep enhancing the Girth even more. Interestingly, we have found that over time guys gain Flaccid length as well from the added weight of the filler.

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Dr. Shafer Community Q&A 2 years 1 month ago #1308707678

(4.) Can Girth injections affect the function or sensitivity of the penis?

The vast majority of patients report either the same sensitivity or enhanced sensitivity and enhanced / thicker erections. We have no studies on semen quality. If you have pre-existing issues such as erectile dysfunction, this is not a treatment for that. As for complications, swelling and possible bruising are the most common, and usually resolve within a week if they occur. We give you a sulumedrol steroid pack which can help the swelling go down faster.

(5.) How does the newly Girth enhanced penis feel?

Most patients describe the effect as if their penis gained weight. So imagine a thicker / fatter / heavier penis.

(6.) How long can you wait before resuming intimacy or strenuous activity?

We generally recommend one week.

(7.) Best Circumcision for Girth Enhancement (Filler)

You do not need to be Circumcised. We treat both Circumcised and uncircumcised patients.

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