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TOPIC: How to View Photos & How to Upload Photos

How to View Photos & How to Upload Photos 5 months 2 weeks ago #1308695842

Viewing Photos

You'll notice topics that contain "(Photos Inside)" in the title are scattered throughout this forum. In order to view those photos (or any attachments), you'll need to be a registered member and you'll also need to upgrade your membership to Premium Membership (more detailed info here). If you're already familiar with the program, you can find the Premium Membership access form found at the top of every page under "MEMBERSHIP." (Quick Link Here)

If you post a progress report here and aren't a Premium Member, you can still upload photos (although you may not be able to see them at first) and attachments. Once the post has been reviewed (usually within 24 hours), you'll be extended Lifetime Premium Membership (no cost)!

Uploading Photos

To upload a photo into your post, use the "Attachment" button found below the text box, indicated with a "paperclip" symbol. If you wish to have an uploaded photo inserted into the text box, select the "Insert" button for every desired photo (or the "Insert All" to insert them all at once).

Be sure to add the phrase " (Photos Inside) ", after your topic's title, the quotation mars not included. Without it, readers without Premium Membership wont know pictures are attached and may find themselves confused when making sense of your post's contexts. It's a courtesy tag.

And on a side note, do NOT use the "Image Link" button (found above the text box with a "picture" symbol) when uploading photos or attachments. This should only be used when adding graphics to your post that aren't copyright infringements. If you're not sure entirely whether or not it's okay to use the "Image Link" button, it's best not to use it at all.

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