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TOPIC: Avanti Derma back in operation - June 1st, 2020.

Avanti Derma back in operation - June 1st, 2020. 4 months 3 weeks ago #1308697793

We opened last Monday, June 1st.
The border is easier than in regular times because it is not open for other but American citizens and permanent residents, so all the tourists and day shoppers crossing from Mexico are not doing it at the moment.
Occasional checkpoints right before crossing into Mexico can randomly ask for the purpose of the visit to the country, and they are satisfied if it is for medical purposes.
The health authority is requiring sanitary measures and they are strictly enforcing them.
It is important to know that our waiting room is not available, so patients must come by themselves, and we are taking only two patients a day, to have time to fully sterilize every single area that will be available for the next patient.
Attached please find our COVID19 questionnaire and instructions that every patient is receiving before their visit to Avanti Derma.
Regards, everybody.
Dr Luis Casavantes - Dr Palmira Morales https://www.avantiderma.com Reception: info@avantiderma.com US Phone lines: (619) 308-7268 or 7269.

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Avanti Derma back in operation - June 1st, 2020. 4 months 3 weeks ago #1308697812

I'm here now and can vouch for the above. The border crossing coming here was as easy as ever. Restaurants, bars, and cafes are still closed or are only doing take out, so there really isn't much to do other than get your procedure done and do aftercare -- which is all many of us are going to do anyway. However, the restraunt in the Tijuana Grand is open and they are actually letting people sit and eat. I haven't sat in a restaurant in months ...

The safety procedures at Avanti seem effective but don't cross into being irritating. Want me to step in a bin to disinfect my shoes? Cool. Want me to wear a mask? Everywhere else does too ... They do put a screen up over your midsection when getting the procedure done which was a little strange at first as you can't watch what's happening but ultimately it becomes a little more relaxing, as rather than watching canulas being thrust into your dick you can just look out the window and doze off.

Now is probably actually the best time to come.
March 2019: BPEL- 6"
December 2019, manual PE: BPEL- 6.75", MEG- 4.8", BEG- 5.25"
January 2020, Round 1 PMMA (12cc 30%, 12cc 10%): BPEL- 6.5", MEG- 5.5", BEG- 6"
June 2020, Round 2 PMMA (15cc 30%, 4cc 10%): BPEL- 6.5", MEG- 6", BEG- 6.5"
July 2020, Round 3 PMMA (4cc 30%, 16cc 10%): BPEL- 6.5", MEG- 6.3", BEG- 6.8"
Read my progress report here.

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