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TOPIC: Commercial Accounts: What You Should Know

Commercial Accounts: What You Should Know 10 months 3 weeks ago #1308695767

The following post is intended to reaffirm a level of transparency to the reader, especially to many long-time members who may be apprehensive regarding the presence of commercial interests. PhalloBoards will remain an impartial, authentic, and free-flowing information exchange irrespective of who or what contributes in the future.

There are 3 tiers of Commercial Accounts that help fund the sustenance & growth of PhalloBoards 3.0:
1. Sponsors --> Well reviewed Doctors & Clinics known to specialize in phalloplasty and men's aesthetic medicine. They are permitted to post anywhere on the forum and are described in detail below. You can find their categories listed here. .
2. Non-Sponsor Advertisers --> These are up & coming Practitioners who are performing well established and modern techniques in men's aesthetic medicine. They are permitted a single advertisement post found in this section as well as a banner ad on the front page . If they can produce positive & authentic reviews, they will be put into consideration for future PhalloBoards Sponsorship.
3. Paid-Listings --> These are also up & coming Practitioners who are performing well established and modern techniques in the field but have no interest in full blown advertisement. They can instead choose to be listed on PhalloBoard's version of a Phalloplasty "Yellowpages" found here.

Commercial Accounts have many benefits. They benefit the Community by providing real-time expertise & knowledge as well as professional advice & support. They provide options to the PhalloBoards Community, fostering healthy competition, choice, and value. Their contributions help to continue developing & expanding PhalloBoards, including (but not limited to) design improvements, educational media, interviews, webinars, SEO, and more.

Commercial Accounts can be held by any individual, clinic, or business in the realm of phalloplasty, including doctors, nurses, researchers, company representatives (e.g. medical device manufacturers, filler distributors, etc), and patient coordinators & educators. This is assuming the satisfy the following criteria:

1. Positive Word-Of-Mouth.
●This includes satisfactory reviews both on PhalloBoards and elsewhere.
●Being held in high esteem by their colleagues and contemporaries, including positive feedback from their employees & medical staff.

2. Passing the 3 "E's" Test:

●Expertise: There is no guidebook on “How to be a Phalloplastician” but I’ve found the
three disciplines that produce the best penis enlargement practitioners are: Plastic
Surgeons, Urologists/Andrologists, and Dermatologists. That said, I’m open-minded to
all qualified medical backgrounds.
● Experience: An extension from the previous “E,” the amount of experience (years &
number of patients) a practitioner has is vital in my decision making. That doesn’t mean
a Freshman practitioner isn’t capable of being one of the world’ best, but seniority is a
strong indicator of refined skill-sets.
● Ethical: Unfortunately the field of phalloplasty / penoplasty has been marred & tainted
with a history of unscrupulous physicians more interested in profit than the standard of
care. Anything from the employment of obsolete or risky procedures to the use of
aggressive or deceptive marketing are major red flags and will be turned away.

If you're interested in one of three type of Commercial Accounts and fulfill the aforementioned criteria, feel free to use this contact form.

Appropriate Disclosure:
Sponsors do not own a share of PhalloBoards and cannot dictate any Administrative action.

PhalloBoards and its Operator(s) are under no obligation to refer patients. PhalloBoards and its Operator(s) receive no compensation or commission in the event a member credits PhalloBoards for choosing to seek the services of a PhalloBoards Sponsor. PhalloBoards and its Operator(s) can recommend members to Sponsors or Non-Sponsors at their discretion. PhalloBoards and its Operator(s) can recommend members the abstinence of phalloplasty at their discretion.

PhalloBoards is under no obligation to remove unflattering reviews. The only exception is if the posting is in violation of forum rules and/or cannot be authenticated due to a lack of irrefutable evidence or proof.

Sponsors are permitted to use the forum to educate, advertise, promote, communicate, and share anything pertinent to their medical practice. Sponsors are bound by forum rules just like all forum members, and are expected to maintain cordial & civil relations with all fellow Sponsors, regardless if there are fundamental disagreements in methodology.

Sponsors have their own designated forum categories in the Doctor's Forum section of PhalloBoards 3.0. Sponsors are permitted Moderator powers strictly within their own designated forum category and can modify, edit, move, and delete posts (within) at their discretion. Sponsors cannot ban members from the overall forum, but can ban members from posting in their own designated forum category (and aren't required to offer any reason why).

Sponsors are required to uphold the highest bar of ethics, marketing practices, and medical practices in order maintain their Sponsorship and standing with the PhalloBoards Community. Egregious (or multiple) violation of Forum Rules, irreconcilable conflict with other PhalloBoards Sponsors, or a breach of the aforementioned "high bar" can and will be cited as revocation of their Sponsorship status with a potential Forum Ban. This is why PhalloBoards and its Operator(s) only invite & approve the very best in the industry.


Skeptical One
PhalloBoards Owner & Administrator
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phalloboards.websitetoolbox.com (PhalloBoards 2.0)
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