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TOPIC: Premium Membership (Required in order to View Photos & Attachments)

Premium Membership (Required in order to View Photos & Attachments) 6 months 3 days ago #1308695750

*For those who are wondering about their membership status at PhalloBoards 2.0 (phalloboards.websitetoolbox.com): If you had an active subscription prior to when the site becomes locked (Jan 1st, 2020), you'll retain that membership for a lifetime. That membership will not transfer over here. Those who had Lifetime memberships at PhalloBoards 2.0 will, however, receive Lifetime membership here at PhalloBoards 3.0. You'll simply need to contact me (PM or email) so that I can make the adjustment.*

Premium Membership allows your account to view attachments, including authentic Before & After photos taken by penis-enlargement patients. If you're already familiar with the program, click here to get started.


If you're new, please read the following information:

PhalloBoards 1.0 , PhalloBoards 2.0 , and the site you're reading now (PhalloBoards 3.0 a.k.a. PB 3.0) has all its discussion content fully accessible at no cost. You can register and join the discussion here at no cost. This includes direct access to some of the leading Clinics in penis enlargement as well as listings & promotions by local and regional providers. There is however, an upgraded membership which allows you to view attachments such as photos and documents.

By purchasing a Premium Membership your account will be able to download attachments and view photos posted on the PB 3.0 General Forums and the PB 3.0 Doctors Forums . At the top of every page you'll see a menu of links, including one that reads MEMBERSHIP . By visiting this link you'll have an option to purchase a monthly, bi-annual, or annual option for membership. Your membership will be activated immediately upon purchase.

Memberships are recurring so you will need to either contact me (recommended) or CCBill to cancel your subscription. Please have your transaction ID (it will be sent to your inbox; be sure to check spam folder if you do not receive it.) when submitting any inquires regarding your account. If you lost or cannot find your transaction ID, please have the email & username associated with the account. PLEASE use the email you registered your username with the same email used to make your purchase (this is why temporary emails accounts are forbidden)! If you must use a separate email than the one you registered your username with, please contact me first. All Premium Membership inquiries can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Members willing to post a comprehensive progress report with at least one quality Before & After photo-set will be given Lifetime membership at no cost. All attachments are to be uploaded and not "inserted" into the comment space of your post. [LINK UNDER CONSTRUCTION] All photos will automatically receive a PhalloBoards watermark and will become property of the forum (in exchange for lifetime membership). Please do not upload photos that already contain a watermark and/or copyright.

*Directions: You'll need to be a registered member and logged-in. Visit the Membership page and select your Premium Membership package. You'll be required to fill in some basic information before selecting "Proceed to Payment." You'll be then sent to a secured site hosted by a reputable payment processor (CCBill) to enter the remaining payment information. Your information is safe and private, processed on a secure payment form that is sent to the CCBill servers. Once approved, your account will be upgraded and will remain that way (recurring monthly, bi-annually, or annually) until you choose to cancel. The Administrator of PhalloBoards only receives a notification with a corresponding transaction ID to use as reference should you decide to cancel in the future. A generic brand name will show up on your statement and there will be no reference to PhalloBoards.*

Reasons to consider Premium Membership regardless if you're new or have had multiple procedures:
  1. Viewing all attachments from pictures, to PDFs, to medical publications.
  2. Supporting the site and its mission. If you feel this site has had a significant impact on your self-image, self-confidence, or personal growth, think about being your own kind of "Sponsor" and help donate to the site.
  3. Purchasing a year's membership (or having a collective total of 12 months of subscription) here will bonus you LIFETIME Premium Membership at PhalloBoards 2.0. This would be good even after your PB 3.0's Premium Membership expiration (or cancellation). (Click here for more information)

Premium Memberships can also be acquired as a means to donate to the forum. If you wish to donate a specific amount not provided by the payment forms, please contact me for more information. All donations will be forwarded to the continued development & growth of the site and its initiatives.

Now that nearly a decade of PhalloBoards comes to pass, I really want to present the community with a place they can learn about the advances in aesthetic medicine & penis enlargement, to do so without stigma or shame, and to do so being presented a wealth of information, world-class physicians, and a moderated discussion. In order to justify your support, I'll continue to uphold my commitment to this initiative.

It's time we as men have viable options for our own private enhancements, especially in a day where procedures are becoming remarkably effective and increasingly successful.

Skeptical One
PhalloBoards Owner & Administrator
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (All General Inquiries)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Premium Membership Inquiries)

*(Billing statement will read "Tom Indus")

Skeptical One
PhalloBoards Owner & Administrator
www.phalloboards.info (PhalloBoards 3.0)
phalloboards.websitetoolbox.com (PhalloBoards 2.0)
phalloplasty.proboards.com (PhalloBoards 1.0)
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phalloboards@gmail.com (General Inquiries)
phalloboardsofficial@gmail.com (Premium Membership Inquires)

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