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TOPIC: PhalloBoards 3.0 Guide - A History & Mission

PhalloBoards 3.0 Guide - A History & Mission 1 year 1 week ago #1308695726

Welcome to PhalloBoards (PB), the only message board community that discusses the advances & trends in phalloplasty / penoplasty (the augmentation of the penis).

This forum is intended to be an information hub for those researching penis enlargement (PE). Where other PE sites emphasize manual enlargement exercises & devices, we focus on aesthetic medicine and surgical methodologies. Here you'll find two primary message boards: A Doctor's Forum and a Patient's (also known as the "General") Forum. All written content is free to all readers. The only paid-service we offer is Premium Membership which allows you to view photos & attachments. These funds ensure the maintenance & growth of this site. With your support through donation or Premium Memberships, we can ensure this site continues to provide an impartial anonymous outlet for like-minded men.

PhalloBoards 1.0: Inception

I, Skeptical One, opened PhalloBoards 1.0 (the original) late 2010 in response to a (now defunct) forum called "MyNewSize." They operated at the behest of a less-than-popular physician, deleting negative reviews and threatening outspoken members with litigation. At a time when I was desperate for legitimate, viable options for girth (and length), it disheartened me to know that the information presented was being sold to the highest bidder. Potentially jeopardizing my anonymity, I took it upon myself to open my own message board, found at PhalloBoards 1.0 . Free and transparent, it was a refuge for real men seeking out real information. We started as a small group of 20 or so men exchanging notes and whatever chatter we could find. Little did I know that one day it would grow into the premier source for all-things phalloplasty on the web.

Shortly after PB's inception, the host at proboards.com informed me that they did not allow photo-uploads of penises, and that it was in violation of their Terms of Service. Despite the medical & scientific context of those pictures, most online company's still regard erect penis photos as adult content. So rather than scrap the whole project, I began scouting out alternative hosts who would INDEED allow such uploads. Enter PhalloBoards 2.0 & Websitetoolbox.

PhalloBoards 2.0: PMMA, Ellanse, HA, Oh My!

PhalloBoards 2.0 opened Summer of 2011 and coincided with the revelation of PMMA enhancements (which would later go on to be the most popular permanent option for girth enhancement). This non-surgical option became wildly popular in a world of inconsistencies & high complication rates (older methods like silicone implants, silicone oil, PLGA scaffolding, large-volume fat transfers, etc, were becoming increasingly obsolete). In time, other dermal fillers similar to PMMA became popular, namely temporary injectables which gave patients even more options. Surgical options also saw refining in that time, namely in technique and graft-type (e.g. Surgimend instead of Alloderm, etc).

With the growth of the site came the growth of potential misinformation. Initially it wasn't hard to weed out bad information & shills, but as time went on, it became increasingly difficult to Moderate. What this site needed were experts to dispel myths and correct misinformation. How would I get experts on board without compromising impartiality? This site was built in response to the manipulation & deception created by a physician-owned forum. On the other hand, if I allowed them to post freely, it would effectively allow them to advertise at my expense, which made no sense either. I pay for this site out-of-pocket and have done so with minimal donation assistance in the past. Surely there was a way to continue operating this forum as a no-bullsh*t zone while promoting collaboration among the world's best in this field.

Enter: Sponsors

We've had Doctors on this forum before but Dr. Oates was the first to really engage the community. I found how beneficial it was to have a resident expert chime in and answer questions. Having a Q&A with a real phalloplasty expert or surgeon can reassure prospective patients navigating a field marred with unscrupulous salesmen and dodgy procedures. Despite the educational value of Dr. Oates' contributions, he was simultaneously benefiting from positive exposure, and by extension, advertising. And that's okay!, let us not forget that while Doctors are healers, they are also in the business of making a living.

So I concluded that in order to make this all fair, I would extend Sponsorship to those interested in joining under the conditions that:
  1. They understand that negative reviews will not be deleted nor will I ban unsatisfied patients.
  2. They must fulfill the "3 E's" of Sponsorship Criteria (which I'll explain below).
  3. That I can terminate our agreement in the event that they egregiously or repeatedly violate forum rules, employ manipulative marketing methods, or perform risky and/or obsolete procedures.

This forum is essentially "my baby" and I take pride in operating a transparent, no-B.S. zone allowing the free flow of information. There are handfuls of Doctors that I have either turned down or would refuse to do any business with. I had the good fortunate of benefiting from this site's content, I'm not about to sacrifice those benefits to future readers for a quick buck. If I'm going to make a living (part-time or full-time) from this site, I ought to represent the very best in the field and aspire to be the premier source of information in this growing market. So when I look for the "3 E's" - I'm looking for "Expertise," "Ethics," and "Experience." Positive word-of-mouth also plays a pivotal role in whether or not I consider a bringing on a Sponsor.

If you are a Physician or Clinic and would like to get in touch with me, please visit the Sponsorship link at the very top right.

PhalloBoards 3.0: The Final Iteration

As Sponsors began coming on board I began to realize the necessity of a new & final iteration of PhalloBoards 3.0 - one that would solve many problems of past forums. It would be simpler, with fewer sub-categories, and easier to navigate. There will be FAQs, Q&As, and Wikis published in the coming months to make it easier for newcomers to learn the lingo & trends. There would be a section for Sponsors, allowing you, the reader, to have access to some of the field's very best at no cost. This will also foster an environment for collaboration in a field lacking standardization.

Functionality, Memberships, Sponsorships, and Content will all be streamlined to the benefit of you, the reader.


Reasons to consider Premium Membership at any time:
  • It unlocks access to all photos & attachments.
  • You can attain LIFETIME membership at no cost by submitting your own comprehensive Progress Report with at least 1 Before & After photo.
  • It is also a way to donate. Much like a Patreon or Paypal, simply maintaining a subscription helps generate even greater quality content & information for the future :)

Forum Rules

It's advised that you read this before making your first post:
Forum Rules

In Closing

This place started out as a community of like-minded men seeking out information from an authentic source. We may have our disagreements, we may have our own motivations, but remember we're still a fraternal community nonetheless.

Irrespective of our motivations for seeking out penis enlargement, we must be sure that we're in a healthy, rational state of mind. In an over-sexualized society with effortless access to adult entertainment, it's easy to be consumed, obsessed, and even deceived by the idea that "we're small" or that "bigger is always better." Be mindful of your pursuit of penis enlargement, and good luck!

Skeptical One
PhalloBoards Owner & Administrator
www.phalloboards.info (PhalloBoards 3.0)
phalloboards.websitetoolbox.com (PhalloBoards 2.0)
phalloplasty.proboards.com (PhalloBoards 1.0)
Social Media Accounts Coming Soon!
phalloboards@gmail.com (General Inquiries)
phalloboardsofficial@gmail.com (Premium Membership Inquires)

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