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TOPIC: Venous Leakage..treatment options.

Venous Leakage..treatment options. 4 years 5 months ago #1308696038

Hello Dr. Carney

I am 45 year , generally healthy straight male. Did notice erections getting progressively softer in last few years.
Started 10mg Cialis few years back..initially worked not so much. Have done 18 sessions of shockwave starting May 2018 with a company in Toronto, initial response was pretty good..slowly seems to have tapered off.

Last six months my ED got serious..penetration while standing is becoming difficult.Went to a clinic in Toronto..tried few different IC injections...didn't get a decent Erection.

Saw an Urologist..he prescribed MUSE in Toronto.. tried 500 and 1000 dosage..not any significant improvement.
I do get morning erections everyday.Also masturbation and blowjobs and handjobs by females work normal.

Sounds like I might have a venous leakage.

Would appreciate if you can share what are the treatment options if Venous Leak is indeed detected.

Thank you in advance.

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Venous Leakage..treatment options. 4 years 3 months ago #1308696952

The degree of venous leakage is determine from a detailed, high grade Doppler Ultrasound test at your Urologist (not the cheap hand held units used at most men's clinics) You've endured enough "guessing" with your case - you need a specific diagnosis. Based upon your description and your journey to date, it sounds as though you have more than one contra diagnosis affecting the quality of your erections. Your solution is tied to the results from that test!

Every man ends up with some form of venous leakage over time. It's like eyesight - it degrades with time. However, it would not explain failure with IC injections - that sounds like arterial insufficiency - or two other potential issues.

Get with a competent board certified Urologist and get tested. Can help guide you from there.

All the best!
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