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TOPIC: More info on procedures

More info on procedures 10 months 1 day ago #1308696007

I would appreciate it if you post more info on your male enhancement procedures.

Permanent and semi permanent.

It looked like you offer the typical short to mid term lasting injectable girth fillers.

For the max permanent size procedure, from what I have gathered, this is a lig cut and FFT. Can you provide some more specifics on this? Incision site for lig cut, full cut or partial, scarring expectancy, how the girth is achieved and how much reabsorbtion is expected, feel flaccid and erect.

Can the FFT once healed be combined with the non surgical injectables if more girth is desired at a later time?

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More info on procedures 9 months 4 weeks ago #1308696043

Hi Dr.Carney
I would like to add on to Javalons question

1. Is their a difference between max permanent size procedure vs rejuval?

2. What is the requirements pre-surgery and post surgery? Been getting mixed answers from people on type of stretching, is it pump or hangers or phalosan? Do you provide those devices and how long to use?
I’m currently using weight hangers

3. What is the clitoral ridge simulator? Is it visibly seen in the pubic region, and I’m assuming permanent?

4. For glan enhancement, does it desensitize penis or help with Premature ejaculation?

5. Once procedure is done is it safe to do prp/ stem cell enhancement with shock therapy? Or endostim therapy?

6. What if person doesn’t have much fat in stomach can it be taken from anywhere else?

7. Is their liagament cut and will it make permission point downward?

8. Is their be a NY/NJ location?

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More info on procedures 7 months 3 weeks ago #1308696953

Sorry for all the confusion on our various procedures. We are trying to get all our websites updated.

The most detailed explanation for all of our current enlargement versions is found at this updated page at MorgansternHealth.com. Think it will answer many of the questions you posed.


3. We no longer offer the clitoral ridge simulator. Sorry!

4. A glans enhancement "can" help with P/E - if the injection locations are varied to help desensitize the orgasmic nerve areas. Typically, with a glans enhancement, we're trying to steer clear of those spots. With a P/E patient - we usually add 1-2 ML more specific to those exact spots and it does help. Have you already tried P/E medications?

5. PRP injections into the penis are a complete waste of your time and money from recent research by Tom Lue, MD - 98% are gone within 24 hours, 99% within 48 hours - and they migrate to the closest tumor and accelerate its growth. The force of blood flow rates in a penis are too strong for stem cells to have a chance to work. Endostim with break down an FTT - do you have a Peyronie's diagnosis? If you have an ED or Peyronie's indication - we would want to resolve that first.

6. Sometimes. Not every area of fat tissue will transplant successfully to the penis. Requires a first hand in-office evaluation to determine. Wrong tissue will either die / reabsorb and or be uneven with striations.

7. A ligament release results in a 5-20% downward drop in erect angle - depending upon your present angle. Itr's impossible to make an erection point directly downward.

8. Nothing in NY / NJ yet. Our next expansion is the Cayman Islands this spring

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More info on procedures 7 months 3 weeks ago #1308696994

Thanks! I tried P/e medication and other methods but doesn’t work, is the glan treatment permanent?

Also I couldn’t find out site what the pre care and after care for the surgery . Is it a stretcher or pump and how long?

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