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TOPIC: Total male enlargement tool

Total male enlargement tool 3 weeks 19 hours ago #1308698114

Hello everyone,

I am wondering if anyone has tried the enlargement tool for penis hanging from the total man. Looking at their pictures it looks like it pulls from the shaft/skin versus the lg weight hanger that pulls behind/from the head. I am not sure if anyone has tried this device yet. Do y'all think this device is an effective tool for lengthening? Will it pull the tunica? Will it regrow foreskin? I don't want any foreskin to grow again. I currently have the grip system but the valve keeps falling off and I already had it replace twice. I would like something that is effective and does not break down.
Thanks for any feedback

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Total male enlargement tool 2 weeks 22 minutes ago #1308698308

its a compression type hanger just like the Bib or the P-hanger ( sponsor on the old forum here ). I have the P hanger and it works nicely . Compression hanging is an entirely different type of hanging than Vac Hanging.

You can learn a shit load about hanging at thunders place. FYI. and come up with what works for you or what you want to try. I have tried it all and I like to switch up . think of it like working out - you wont do the same thing forever.
I really like vac hanging but I am personally very prone to glans blisters. So when i go into a 3 or 4 month run I just know thats something I have to contend with.

Compression hanging is short sets , read up and you'll know why, but mostly its for cock safety and blood flow.

They are both great for length. but it really will take commitment and dedication and you cant get pissed when you dont see results in 2 weeks or even 3 months sometimes. it happens.
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