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TOPIC: Main reason you wanna be bigger?

Main reason you wanna be bigger? 3 weeks 1 day ago #1308711192

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Thanks dude. I appreciate that. I told myself at the start of my journey that I would get over 6.5 with the ideal goal of 7.5 at the base and 7 at the tip. I’m trying to get big dude. I absolutely love having this weight between my legs. Feels amazing and sex is so so so good. I’m somehow more sensitive now and because of that I pre cum like a water hose. I almost stay leaking pre cum throughout the day. It’s kind of nuts.
Oral and vag have been excellent. Before I would have to find her g spot and then position myself to fuck it but now I can just fuck and they start moaning. I make a rule that they can suck me after I make them cum vaginally. I want them to experience that type of orgasm since I know most of them haven’t been able to. I want to give these girls the attention they need. Too many guys just use them and leave them without finishing. Fucking hate that shit.

I reached out to get my before pictures. I was an idiot and didn’t save them. As soon as I do I’ll post.

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Main reason you wanna be bigger? 2 weeks 6 days ago #1308711246

EricPig wrote: @Rybrad
So I started around 6x4.5 and had one procedure and now I’m 6x5.75 and scheduled for my second.
I’m a Loria medical patient which I’m seeing isn’t a popular thing on this site. I personally haven’t had any negatives with working with them and I loved my first procedure. Honestly I don’t see other companies who offer permanent filler to have any less issues. For example - I know a few guys who’ve gone to Tijuana and come back with infections and imperfections just like the ones being roasted on here for so … maybe I don’t know enough. I’m down to learn. I’m not advocating for them. It’s just my experience.
My third procedure I am looking for another company closer to me, but not because I’ve had a bad experience with Loria.

There is a saying, you can't make everyone happy.

I could take a buddy visiting from out of town to my favorite restaurant, and insist he gets the ribeye steak. Upon arrival, the steak is overdone and clearly we're both disappointed. Of course they apologize and bring us out a new steak and free desert on the house. So even the finest restaurants occasionally butcher a steak. That's my analogy for the vast majority of quality physicians performing penis enlargement. The true can be said for a reputable barber or tattoo artist.

Dr. Loria on the other hand is the kind of establishment you go to crossing your fingers the chicken isn't days old and or whether or not the cooks actually earned the (fake) culinary degrees on the wall. Yea that's right, the guy said he was a Cosmetic Surgeon and frankly, he's not. However, his real expertise was Nutrition and Hair Restoration for some time.

Silicone-enhanced penises are what I consider the great deception in male phalloplasty. Results are instant, permanent, and often-times quite aesthetic. However, large volumes of silicone oil are not one of the safer alternatives in penis enlargement. Firstly, you're required to wear a tight band at the base of your penis just to prevent migration. That alone is a scary prospect. Then, if you happen to be one of the unlucky few who end up dealing with an unusually fierce reaction to the the oil, it becomes very difficult to remove, and can even require skin grafting. I know someone personally who is undergoing illness and it may be attributed to his obsession with silicone oil.

But more importantly, and I've read and seen this around a few times and it's such a valid consideration: if silicone oil is available off-label by the use of any of these phalloplasty doctors, why do the vast majority of them refuse to use it in the penis? Urologists, Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, all of them can use it, but instead they opt for Hyaluronic Acid (HA), PMMA, Ellanse, Renuva, Radiesse, and Fat. Why is that? It's because they don't want to deal with the mess that is silicone-enhanced penises.

And what about the PhalloBoards? You don't think I couldn't delete the negative comments and newcomers wouldn't be the wiser? I'm sure the likes of Loria would pay me handsomely considering how much he spends marketing a month. I genuinely care that my readership has access to pool of physicians that perform ethical medicine, it's how I built this site over a decade. I've turned down a number of Clinics I found to be shoddy or unscrupulous.

Also, when speaking to Doctors (both Sponsors and non-Sponsors alike), I'm told this silicone stuff rivals the Penuma in "repair" jobs on these poor men. If you really wish to enhance your size, seek out a vetted, experienced doctor who practices ethical medicine.

Oh and @EricPig , sent you a PM pretty much saying what I said here. I don't mean to alarm you as you may be just fine (not all silicone patients face complication), but there are many Clinics that will turn you away if you've had work done with Loria. Just an FYI, and be honest with them, last thing you want to do is encourage a complication by withholding necessary medical ino. Good luck either way!
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