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TOPIC: Survey: What are members searching in 2020?

Survey: What are members searching in 2020? 1 week 7 hours ago #1308699658

Hello Members and Lurkers alike,

The reason I'm writing this post is to take a survey of what key-terms you first used when researching phalloplasty -OR- would key-terms you would likely first use if you were starting today. You can also mention how you ultimately found this site if you'd like.

As you know PhalloBoards has grown over the decade (with three versions in that time), becoming the premier source for all things Phalloplasty. In the past couple of years it's taken on a new form (Version 3.0), inviting legitimate practitioners to the discussion in order to create awareness & educate, as well as to offer competitive options to the reader.

I'm personally looking to grow this site into the new decade and I have many plans in the works that will be implemented over months and years. I just soft-launched the Phalloplasty Physician Directory (you can find at the top of the site -OR- on the mobile menu) which will continue to add both Sponsors and Non-Sponsors from around the world; this will help better narrow down regional options.

As for the survey of key-terms: Was it "penis enlargement surgery" ? Perhaps "girth injections" ? Or could it have been "penis lengthening doctor in U.S." ? I'm curious to know what the most likely "first key-term" that would come to mind when first researching this topic.

Some of this information is already available to me through things like Google Analytics, but I'm more curious about real-time inquiries; times have changed since I had to do my own searching on the topic and I'm curious to see where the key-term landscape is nowadays.

Thanks in advance.

Skeptical One
PhalloBoards Owner & Administrator
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Survey: What are members searching in 2020? 6 days 5 hours ago #1308699675

I first stumbled onto this site (and PE in general) when I searched for ‘penis enlargement surgery complications’.

My girlfriends sister is newly single, and she’s been dating online and meeting new people. I overheard her telling my girlfriend about how she was talking to a couple guys and that they both had huge cocks. I’ve always been a bit self conscious even though I have a normal penis. This prompted me to look into PE. The first things that popped up were Dr Elist and his penis implant. I went down the rabbit hole of trying to find information about Penuma. Penuma seemed good to be true. Once I googled complications, then phalloboards popped up here I am months later.
08/2020 FL - 4” FG - 4” EL - 6.25” EG - 4.5”

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