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TOPIC: Dr. Solomon's Monthly Educational Q&A

Dr. Solomon's Monthly Educational Q&A 4 months 3 weeks ago #1308708774

(11a) Do you perform Adult Circumcision? If so, do you have a preference for the type of cut (i.e. high & tight, high & loose, low & tight, low & loose)?

I do perform Circumcision. The terms describe different end results. In my practice, the goal is to provide a natural look that varies with each patient. Most of the circumcisions that I perform are revisions.

(11b) What do you believe are the strengths of Plastic Surgeons in the field of Phalloplasty/surgical Male Enhancement? What makes them a more attractive specialization than other Cosmetic Clinics that operate without surgical backgrounds?

My perspective is that plastic surgery is a specialty that uses surgical principles to reconstruct or enhance anatomy. The specialty has no anatomic boundaries, but instead uses those principles everywhere on the body. I advise patients to be aware that there is often more than one way to treat a problem, and the best answer for one patient may be different from that for another patient. Things such as fillers are deceptively easy to perform, but the physician may not be aware of the long term consequences of their treatment, or how to manage their complications. For that reason, I encourage all of my patients to do their research and consult with more than one specialist, if possible.

(11c) Is it possible to undergo surgical augmentation (e.g. Surgimend, and/or lengthening) even if prior work has been performed on the penis, namely dermal fillers?

It is possible to perform grafting after prior procedures have been performed. However, the risk of complications is increased after prior procedures. Prior procedures, both surgical and non-surgical (such as fillers or fat grafts) will disrupt normal blood supply to the skin and make healing more challenging for the patient, with increased risks of wound breakdown and infection, among other things.

Mark P. Solomon, MD FACS

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