Ellanse Testicular Pain

Men who have undergone the Ellanse treatment, often have some minor testicular pain that can cause some concerns. Within our PhalloBoards community, you can learn from other REAL Patients who have used the Ellanse filler and their discussion on Ellanse and Testicular Pain. You have the ability to educate yourself with real stories and situations. We boast a community of over 10,000 members and have become the largest "penile girth enhancement" resource on the web. We have over 10 years of discussion around various procedures, side-affects, do's and don'ts. While there are plenty of great physicians out there, we have qualifed and vetted our own that are trusted by community, you can view our "Physician's Directory". You do not have to use our recommended physicians but you do have the opportunity to ask them any questons you have directly in our "Doctors Forum".

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We also have "Before and After" pictures that are user submitted. These images are unlike images you will find on a physician's site where they only choose the best procedures they have done. These pictures are from real patients who are looking to help others out with expectations.

The terminology can also be a bit conusing, check out our "Glossary of Terms" so you can understand the medical terminology along with the terminology used by patients.

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