Ellanse Penile Girth Enhancement Fillers

There are a few penile girth enhancement filler on the market today that physician's are commonly using.  One of the popular brands is "Ellanse".  Ellanse is commonly discussed amongst our PhalloBoards community with reviews, Ellanse side effects, and much more.  If you don't see your question, that's not a problem, just sign up an account and ask your question to the community! You will get the answers you need from various men who have gone with Ellanse penile filler that will be able to provide feedback as well. You also have the opportunity to go 1 step further and ask our trusted doctors directly in our "Doctors Forum".  


What is Ellanse Penile Filler?

Ellanse is considered a long-term temporary dermal filler that will works when your body encapsulates "polycaprolactone - PCL" - creating girth.  The PCL particles eventually absorb leaving collagen in its place.  Currently available only internationally, it is still pending FDA approval in the United States.  Depending on formulatin, Ellanse fillers can last up to 4 years.

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